What You Need to Know About Slim Fast

By August 17, 2018 February 1st, 2020 Healthy Lifestyle

Health and wellness products have led to the development of one of the biggest industries in the world. The wellness products which mostly include weight loss shakes and pills sit at the convergence of powerful and long-term trends i.e. vast and easy availability of health information, increased consumer interest in the use of alternative medicine, aging of the population, plumping-up of consumers and the steady decline of the personal doctor-patient relationship. Most people are currently taking responsibility for their wellness and as a result, they are purchasing products which offer quick and easy-source of health benefits.

A lot of people are searching for pills and Weight Loss Shakes. Because this has made dieting to become an attractive big business for marketers with its global market reaching hundreds of billions. The sector has attracted big brands which include international corporations such as Unilever which owns Slim-Fast.

A Case Study on Slim-Fast

Consumer reviews show that these diet shakes have a large consumer base. The popularity of the three shakes is as a result of their effectiveness and their long-lasting weight loss results. However, these diet shakes are among the top-rated in the market and oftentimes consumers have difficulty when it comes to choosing the best supplement.

Slim Fast

Slim Fast is a private wellness company that is owned by Unilever PLC and it’s renowned for high-quality diet shakes which are commonly sold as slim fast diet shakes. The company sells nutritionally balanced meal replacement snacks and drinks and its market share in the weight management and nutritional supplement sector has grown massively over the years. According to various meal replacement shake reviews, Slim-Fast products have a market share of about 45 percent and this is expected to increase. 

An Overview on Slim Fast

Slim-Fast is synonymous with offering meal replacement shakes for weight loss. The best slim fast shakes and snacks include products such as lunch bars, breakfast bars, snack bars, powders, juices, and other diet shakes. Most of these products can be found in local drug stores, grocery stores and in mass merchandise stores. However, Unilever re-launched a website for Slim-Fast products along with a buddy system.  

The site’s primary focus is on the best weight loss products and online membership club. Unilever introduced the Slim-Fast club because a lot of meal replacement shake reviews indicated that most people needed support as well as help in using these products. Instead of creating physical centers, the company decided to create a virtual center to cater to a wider audience.  

The Buddy Program is based on an idea that individuals who want to lose weight can be successful if they receive inter-personal support. According to research studies, people who receive some sort of advice and support over the internet have high chances of losing weight and Slim-Fast used this idea in order to appeal to its target audience. The program which matches dieters according to food preferences, age and exercise habits is meant to provide a mutual and judgment-free support. Over half a million people have since signed up and enrolled in this free program, creating a community of like-minded individuals who are looking for support and weight loss products such as diet shakes. Since it was established, the site has received a return rate of over 57 percent and Slim-Fast has not used any traditional media to carry out marketing campaigns. The company partnered with brands such as iVillage and America Online to promote the site online. 

Slim Fast has steadily become one of the top companies that offer the best meal replacement shakes in the weight control and meal replacement sector. The free online club has been a great tool in offering members the support they so much need as they buy slim fast shakes. To test and measure the impact the site has on sales, the company started to offer people online coupons.  

To conclude this case study, it is safe to say that most consumers are now using the internet to obtain weight loss information. Slim-Fast’s other competitors who are also known to sell some of the best meal replacement shakes include eDiets.com and Weightwatchers.com. These two companies also have their own websites and the number of their clients has significantly increased over the years.  

It’s also worth noting that advertisements alone don’t provide strong links between products and clients. Brands that want to increase their market shares have to create relationships that is membership driven. Unilever’s director for Interactive Marketing said that their online relationship marketing has been vital for the selling of their weight loss shakes and snacks since it allows people to sign up for their program and then they proceed to choose the best slim fast shakes that suit their needs.