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The Best Solar Phone Chargers of 2018 you need to know

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our day to day activities because they connect us to the rest of the world. However, a mobile phone with a chargeless battery becomes useless and everybody strives to charge it so that he/she can be reconnected to the world. Charging involves connecting a mobile phone with a charger to a power source so that it can charge the battery.

There are different types of chargers but the main types are either electrical or solar mobile phone chargers. Today let’s focus on the best phone chargers that are solar operated. One advantage of these chargers is that they are convenient that charging can be done anywhere provided there is the presence of sunlight.

Importance of solar phone chargers

For those who are adventurous and they like camping and hiking, having a charge on the cell phones is essential. Sometimes the charge may go down. But with a solar phone charger, somebody need not worry because he/she will be able to charge them whenever and wherever.

Also, solar panels existence has been dated back in time and the best thing about them is that they are designed in different shapes and sizes. So, for the best phone chargers, a portable and efficient one is essential. That is, somebody can carry it and it will help in recharging the phone in the shortest time possible.

The best phone solar charger is the RAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger. It has won the Top Ten Reviews Gold award. Also, in the second place was the Nekteck 20W Solar Charger that received the Silver Award. Lastly, the charger that took the third position was the Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite that received the Bronze award.

During the determination of the winners of these awards, we focused on two different types of solar phone chargers and came up with the reviews of the best solar phone chargers. The first test was on the solar panels chargers with USB charging ports. They lack built-in batteries but are so effective in conversion of solar energy into power.

Secondly, the review included those chargers that have batteries built in. These devices have a portable battery pack and are so effective that they are left in the sun for just some hours.

One advantage of the chargers with batteries is that they can store the energy during the day and somebody can use them at night in charging the cell phones. Contrary to that, their charging in the sun is not that efficient and they store less charge.

After testing several chargers, it was evident that they yielded much power in the sun. The reports we got from most people is that they use solar panels with high efficiency to charge their external batteries and then they use them to charge their phones at night.

Sometimes both devices are essential and it is advisable to determine which solar phone charger configuration that suits you before purchasing.

It is important to note that the best phone chargers are different from charging cables. Some people have charging cables in different places that they operate in and they are sometimes forced to stay in these places for long hours waiting for their phones to charge.

The best thing about these best phone chargers is that somebody can carry them to everywhere they want to go. They operate on eco-friendly energy.

There is need to comprehend how the best phone chargers operate. This is because this knowledge will assist in choosing the best solar phone charger. The basic working of a solar panel is that it converts light energy into electricity that either charge a battery built in or charges a device connected to it via a USB cable.

Discussion, explanation and the result of testing solar phone chargers

Solar panels are efficient when they are placed in direct sunlight with clear skies. First, the testing included those chargers with inbuilt batteries; the test was on how they performed with diffused light. The testing was performed on a clear day inside a windowed office. The second activity involved those that lacked batteries. They could not charge through the office windows and they were tested on direct sunlight on a clear day.

The solar panels tested were the first-generation solar technology panels that are made of crystalline silicon. The crystalline silicon is a crystal made in the lab and the best thing about it is its high conductivity properties. It is also used in the production of silicon chips.

For a photovoltaic cell, its high conductivity makes it have a high efficiency. If someone tests these panels the results will be that they have different efficiencies that range from 24 percent to 6 percent. The best phone chargers should have high efficiencies.

Factors to consider when selecting the best solar phone charger

1. Charging performance

Knowing which solar phone charger that suits somebody is so paramount. Somebody should consider using a solar panel with a built battery if he/she needs to charge the phone for 3-4 days and also want to ensure it’s always topped.

Consider the size, type, and its overall output. Different devices have different working. Some can be charged directly from the battery while others cannot. However, how they relate to the panels is different. An integrated circuitry it’s what that dictates on how you can charge.

Moreover, if somebody likes hiking for longer hours, he/she may want to keep his/her devices charged. In this case, there is need to have a solar panel that can handle that. The solar panels lack batteries and he/she should place them in the sun so that they can charge. The best phone chargers will help out.

2. Solar panel details

To make sure somebody has a good quality solar phone charger, efficiency is the factor to consider. Currently, most of the solar panels on the market today are the first-generation ones that are made of crystalline silicon. Their main advantage is their high conductivity even when there is low light intensity.

During the testing, the panels with built-in batteries produced at least a volt in unsuitable conditions. Some even exceeded the manufacturer’s output ratings when they were put under average conditions.

3. Physical characteristics

Someone who needs a solar-powered battery pack will want the one with a reasonable size and appearance. Most solar panels that were tested have two USB ports. However, the solar-powered battery pack has only one USB port.

Some have metal frames and other thick frames and others are even water resistant. In addition, the best phone chargers should be durable. 4. Help and support

Lastly, it is important for someone to know the manufacturer of these solar chargers and know the warranty given. Someone should know where to inquire if he/she needs to know about something. You can either do a direct or online inquiry.

Recommendations and our verdict

Our aim for the testing was to come up with the best phone chargers operated by solar. However, each charger is unique in its own way. Someone just needs to choose what suits him/her.

According to our results, here is our recommendation according to their performance:

1. RAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger- charges the fastest, high efficiency, long warrant.

2. The Nekteck 20W solar charger- the heaviest, a higher solar efficiency at 24 percent, second in charging speed, water resistant. It’s the best for camping and hiking.

3. Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite- the lightest, has nylon straps making it easier to attach to a backpack.

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