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The Best Smartphone of all the Time

Every year numerous smartphones are launched in the market. The experts review them and select the “Best Smartphones of the year”.

The year 2017 saw some of the best players in the industry launch amazing phones and it was a race which had quite a few contenders.

Samsung Galaxy S8 launched in April 2017 had 4GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage and provided support up to 256 GB micro SD card. Samsung had really hit the nail on its head with an excellent premium quality phone. It had a futuristic design coupled with excellent performance. S8 was thin, weighed around 155 grams, yet felt tough. S8 was precision personified, beautiful looking beast of a phone.

Then came Apple and launched 3 phones in quick intervals, starting with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in September 2017, followed by iPhone X in November. Let’s just say that Samsung’s dream of being the best smartphone for the year had been shattered. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were pretty impressive in their own rights, but iPhone X was in a league of its own.

iPhone X in the market had some radical changes – like no home button, use of facial recognition for authentication and a funky, fun and engaging animagi feature. Also, all the iPhones had A11 bionic processor which made it perform excellently.

People had their doubts about iPhone X being more expensive than iPhone 8 and 8 plus, but it was totally worth every penny. It simply was a class apart and will remain as the best smartphone of the year 2017.

Also other smartphone which was one of the frontrunners was OnePlus 5T. 5T felt every bit of a premium smartphone but at a considerably lower price. The Snapdragon 835 processor of One plus 5t managed to beat Samsung in quite a few performance benchmarking tests as well. It had an excellent fingerprint scanner and a USB C type like features which has helped OnePlus build its loyal following in the crowded smartphone space.

So who took the top spot? Undoubtedly it was iPhoneX that was the best smartphone of the year. Samsung can however take pride in being the “Best Android Phone” of the year.

The smartphones were considered to numerous tests before being declared the best. Their processors, cameras, battery life and many other parameters were tested using tests like Geekbench 4.2, 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme, AnTuTu and various others. They were also tested in real life practical scenarios.

Each smartphone had to go through a sequence of tests and the process remained the same in each case. This enabled them to give highly accurate and reliable results. But that’s how the nerd, geeks or let’s say the experts analyse the phones and come out with their verdict of the best smartphone.

For normal users the process varies. They might choose to analyse these smartphones in a slightly different way.

First thing that most users will consider is their budget. Do they want to buy premium flagship models, economy phones or prefer a midrange phone?

Flagship phones are premium phones, expensive and the show stoppers for that particular brand. Economy phones would fall at the opposite spectrum in terms of price and are normally available at pre-paid cell phone providers. Most of the economy smartphones have Android OS but are not big on performance. They normally struggle to handle apps which are heavy to load. Between these two extremes are the midrange phones. They are not heavy on your pocket and provide reasonably good performance.

Another important criterion for the users would be the OS, whether they want iOS, Android or Windows. iOS which is part of the Apple ecosystem is most user friendly but has limitations in terms of customization. Also, iPhones are powered by iOS and are the most expensive phones available in the market. Android is quite simply an OS which powers most of the mobiles in the world be it an economy one or in the premium segment. Windows OS is yet to capture the imagination of the users but the revamping of Windows 10 could lead to it becoming a contender.

For a regular user a best smartphone would be the one that matches one’s tastes and preferences. Period…

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