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Stunning sci-fi adventure Returner 77 coming to Google Play Store

If you like games that push mobile devices to their limits and need a new puzzle adventure title in your life then you might want to check out Returner 77—a sci-fi mystery title that launches on Android tomorrow via the Google Play Store.

Developed by the somewhat awkwardly named Danish studio, Fantastic, yes, Returner 77 is a 3D adventure game in the vein of the Myst series with first-person, escape the room-style puzzles which should please fans of games like The Room and the excellent Agent A.

In Returner 77, you play as one of the final survivors from Earth trapped on an alien spaceship. Your mission is to escape the vessel and discover the fate of your ally, Colonel Ling, and the rest of the human race.

The first thing you’ll notice from looking at the screenshots or the trailer above is that the graphics and art style look pretty spectacular. Fantastic, yes says that it is dedicated to crafting stunning cinematic experiences. Judging by the glowing reviews on Apple’s App Store for its iOS release last year, that effort hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans of the genre.

Fantastic, yes has also confirmed today that a follow-up, codenamed Core Two, is in development for a summer release in collaboration with 3D animation company M2 Entertainment.

You’ll be able to download Returner 77 from the Play Store via the button below from tomorrow (April 11). While we don’t have pricing confirmation just yet, it seems likely it’ll match the one-off $4.99 fee on the App Store. Returner 77 is also launching tomorrow on PC via Steam.

Is this the best looking game on Android to date? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on Returner 77’s visuals in the comments below.

Google Play: Download Returner 77

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