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Qualities that the Best Camping Lanterns Must Have

Mankind is always seeking to conquer its environment by traveling to strange places like in the wilderness and not getting attacked by big and scary animals that live there. To achieve this, they need light. Although they have fire, it is just hot light that cannot be carried around. It is for this reason that they require to carry their own light into the darkness. To do that, they arm themselves with camping lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. Although many campers tend to dismiss the camping lanterns as bulky and inefficient; improvements have been made and today’s camping lanterns have battery tech and LED technology. These lanterns are flameless and can last for several days on a single charge because they have become more viable and are designed to light up campsites for long duration. This article focuses on highlighting some of the best camping lanterns that people can consider when hanging out at campground or cottages away from the modern conveniences. Examples of the best camping lanterns are Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lanterns, Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern with USB port that can charge your cellphone, The Dorcy 41-1017, NEBO Tools 5959 Eco Lantern and the Steamlight 44931 Siege Lantern.

Several factors have to be considered when choosing the perfect camping lanterns. These include the type of power source, amount of light emitted, the hours of operation, weight of lantern, adjustability of the light and any additional features.

Type of Power Source

Outdoor camping lanterns come in solar-powered, electric charged and battery charged among other types. Campers can choose from the variety available in the market and settle on the one that suits them best. It is not advisable to choose gas lanterns because they are not safe around children and cannot operate in stormy weather.

Amount of Light Emitted The rumen rating indicated on the camping lantern label will tell you the area that it can illuminate. Therefore if you are staying in a large campground, you may consider going for a camping light with a higher lumen rating and vice versa. The lumen ratings in camping lanterns often run between 200s and 300s but some run up to 1000 lumens.

Hours of Operation This is the most important consideration for campers; especially those that go on long vacations and camping to places with no access to stores where they can purchase batteries or charge their camping lanterns. The hours a lantern can provide light vary depending on the make and brand but it is mostly from 2.5 hours to 295 hours. Battery-powered camping lanterns operate for the longest time followed by solar-powered and electric-powered ones.

Weight of Lantern

Weight is crucial when packing for camping. No one wants to carry bulky loads especially if it is just a source of light. Camping lantern manufactures have taken this into consideration and therefore these lanterns weight around 1 to 3 pounds. However, battery-powered lanterns may weight more because of the weight of the batteries.The Dorcy 41-1017 is a perfect choice since it has a very small design that fits easily into any backpack without taking up a lot of space.

Adjustability of the Light The ability to adjust the amount of light emitted by the camping lantern is another important consideration because you can save energy by setting it to low light. Most camping lanterns come with a setting for high, medium and low light output. A good example is the Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern which comes with these three settings. These can be set according to the preferences of the users.

Any Additional Features

These include any added options to make your camping experience a comfortable and successful one. The best camping lanterns have an MP3 player to keep your entertained, a USB Port to charge your cellphone, yellow light to attract insects, SOS option for emergency services, remote control option and red light for night vision. The Goal Zero is known for its USB charging capability that can charge all kinds of phones and still run the lantern.

In conclusion, the best camping lanterns are available in different designs and power sources. Therefore no matter which camping lantern people decide to carry to their next camp, it is important that they consider the above features so that they are guaranteed of safe and well-lit nights.

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