You wouldn’t like to be stuck in a situation where you don’t have the proper equipment. No matter if you are digging, cutting, or trimming, the new generation of best camp-ax will do the task for you. Pick an axe that makes you and your group feel safe during your camping experience. While you are on the trail, making a camp-fire or solving unforeseen problems, the proper equipment will help ease of your adventure. Active Junky tested a few axes on the market and determined which are the best camp axes for your needs. Below you will see the list with a few details ofRead More →

Mankind is always seeking to conquer its environment by traveling to strange places like in the wilderness and not getting attacked by big and scary animals that live there. To achieve this, they need light. Although they have fire, it is just hot light that cannot be carried around. It is for this reason that they require to carry their own light into the darkness. To do that, they arm themselves with camping lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. Although many campers tend to dismiss the camping lanterns as bulky and inefficient; improvements have been made and today’s camping lanterns have battery tech and LED technology. TheseRead More →

Call me soft, but the thing I appreciate most about Airstreaming over tent camping is a proper bed. I have a great ultralight camping setup, and I use it plenty for backpacking, bikepacking, and hunting. But the truth is, when camping on hard ground, I sleep fitfully and wake up feeling stiff as an old man. When we’re in our Airstream, Artemis, however, I know that a hot shower and a sound night’s sleep await no matter how big a day I’ve had in the hills. So last summer, when I began suffering bouts of trailer insomnia and frequently rose with a sore back and achy hips, I was flummoxed.Read More →

With ever-soaring baggage fees, it’s as important as ever to curate a collection of well-made, multifunctional travel clothes that can fit in your carry-on. The key is finding great pieces that are at once high performance, high style, and high quality—items that pull multi-duty as you go from airport to adventure to dinner. Pieces like these. Lululemon On the Fly Pant ($98) (Courtesy Lululemon)As comfortable as a pair of sweatpants and as classy as a pair of chinos, these 7/8-length, breathable pants are made from the company’s Full-On Luxtreme fabric, a four-way stretch material that keeps you cool and wicks sweat yet has a smooth,Read More →

  Leavenworth, Washington (Garret Van Swearingen) Westport, Washington (Diana Pulido) Washington In 2017, two Seattle-based surfers turned a mid-century motor lodge in the coastal town of Westport into a communal hub for anyone looking to hit the area’s beach, point, and cove breaks. Loge Camps takes a variety of budgets into consideration, offering private hotel rooms, hostel beds, and a campground. In addition, soft-top and performance board rentals are available on-site. A few hours inland, in Leavenworth, Loge has built a small Bavarian-themed mountain village on the Wenatchee River, with front-door access to some of the most popular skiing and mountain biking in the state.Read More →

“If we want people to care about conservation, they have to experience wild places,” says professional ski mountaineer, adventurer, and KEEN ambassador Caroline Gleich. That’s why she summoned her friend and fellow KEEN ambassador Meg Haywood Sullivan, a professional photographer, to take a four-day road trip to four national monuments they’d never seen—Carrizo Plain National Monument, Giant Sequoia National Monument, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, and Sand to Snow National Monument—all of which lie within a day trip of Meg’s surf bungalow in Venice. After hearing about Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke’s plan to shrink three monuments (Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante in Utah, plus Oregon’s Cascade-Siskiyou)Read More →

A few months after we bought Artemis the Airstream, we found ourselves searching for a campsite on Kenosha Pass, an hour west of Denver, Colorado. We scouted some good spots down a steep hill and deep in a cleft of trees, where the road became tighter and the shrubby understory pushed in on the track. We were totally new to trailering at that point and still getting proficient at maneuvering Artemis. While we were pretty sure we could squeeze her down that road, we were nervous about it. Perhaps a little overly optimistic, we went for it, and Jen, my wife, pulled off an incredibleRead More →

A decade ago, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia started renting out air mattresses in their cramped San Francisco apartment to visitors who needed a place to stay. That simple idea, of course, would become Airbnb and change the way we travel. Just look at the numbers: In 2008, the year the site launched, some 400 people booked lodging through the company. Since then, more than 300 million travelers across 191 countries have used the service. Now, with a slew of new categories being rolled out, like upscale, preinspected homes and houses geared toward families or business travelers and new experiences including private concerts, workshops, andRead More →

The office worker tethered to a landline and desktop is giving way to new breed of desk jockey—someone who works on the road at co-working spaces in adventure towns across the country or halfway around the world. For those who’ve been de-cubicled, we’ve rounded up the essentials to make your mobile office not only more functional, but more enjoyable as well. WD My Passport Wireless Hard Drive ($140) (Courtesy Western Digital)Life on the road is hard on your electronic gear, and few things are worse than losing months of work when your computer mysteriously goes haywire. This wireless, one-terabyte hard drive lets you connect upRead More →

So you’ve finally figured out a way to work remote. Good for you. Now for the hard part: Where should you live? Or, rather, where should you spend the next week or month before moving on to the next spot? We’ve rounded up a list of co-working and co-living spaces everywhere from major cities to beach towns that love digital nomads like you and make it easier to do your job. Hossegor, France (Courtesy Jo and Joe)Located on the southwestern coast of France, Hossegor is a world-famous surf destination on one of Europe’s longest white-sand beaches. The town has six surf breaks—the site of surfRead More →