It’s clear that the number of CBD users is rapidly increasing. This compound is mainly popular among young adults. According to various surveys, rapid growth is attributed to increasing interest in alternative medicine. People are ditching pharmaceutical drugs because they are costly, addictive, and have harsh side effects.

The Explosion in the Number of CBD Users: Here is why

Research shows that there is an explosive number of CBD users. Data estimates indicate that around 7 percent of Americans use CBD at the moment. By the time it reaches 2025, this number will increase to around 10 percent or more. But why are people turning to this cannabis product? Well, here’s why. First, CBD has potent health benefits. Reviews show that it can help to heal a myriad of diseases. It has properties such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antiemetic, and neuroprotective benefits. CBD is also cheap and non-habit forming. This means that people can purchase it in large quantities without worrying about the cost. In addition to that, there’s no worry about addiction. So, they can use the products for as long as they want.

Number of CBD Users: CBD and Its Legality

CBD oil is legal in all American states federally. This means that you don’t need a prescription to buy it. Most Americans use it to treat symptoms of various medical issues. However, the FDA does not approve of the use of this cannabis compound. As a result, sellers should not make health claims about this cannabinoid. Normally, they market it just as a supplement. The only medication which the FDA recognizes is Epidiolex. It’s a proprietary oral solution of CBD. Epidiolex helps to significantly reduce symptoms of seizures.

Note: CBD from marijuana is illegal according to federal laws. In fact, it’s under the category of Schedule I controlled substance. This means that its use and possession are illegal and if found you will face legal consequences.

Where is CBD Sold?

CBD is sold in different forms in various retail outlets. In states where medical marijuana is legal, you can find it in brick-and-mortar dispensaries. Understand that most of these dispensaries also have an online presence. This means that customers can buy them from digital storefronts. Alternatively, there are e-commerce sites that stock these products. You find CBD products from eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and many other stores.

Types of CBD and Their Popularity

There are several types of CBD. However, the most popular form is CBD oil. Note that the type of CBD product depends on the method of extraction. It’s also possible to add CBD oil in several items. They include CBD edibles such as CBD gummies, candies, and chocolate bars, etc. Besides that, you can find oil in drinks and creams. The general types of CBD include:


This is a white and powdery substance. Isolate contains pure CBD i.e. almost 99 percent of CBD. So, it’s free of Phytocannabinoids. Many people prefer using this type of product. Consumer reviews show that it’s the best CBD oil for pain.

Number of CBD Users


This is another form of popular CBD product. Full-spectrum contains extracts from the whole marijuana plant. Not only does it have CBD molecules, but there are also other beneficial cannabinoids. They include CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC among others.

Broad Spectrum

This type of cannabinoid has almost similar characteristics to full-spectrum. It contains all the phytocannabinoids present in full-spectrum. However, it does not contain THC.

Nano CBD

Nano CBD is also another popular type of cannabinoid. However, there are still consumers who use it. In this product, the CBD molecules are shrunk. This means that they have a water-based form. Nano is ideal for creams and other topical products. This is because it can easily pass through the skin. As a result, it makes the absorption process easier.

Note: manufacturers normally process CBD oil in several ways. This normally changes the way the products appear. Besides that, it changes the mode of delivery and the benefits. It’s possible to still buy raw CBD oil. They normally have all the cannabinoids. Besides that, they have chlorophyll and terpenes from the cannabis Sativa plants. It’s also worth noting that raw oils have black or dark color. CBD oils have honey-like or yellow color when they are pure and free of THC.

Doctor’s Prescription of Cannabis

There are several states where you can buy CBD without a prescription. However, it should be noted that there is only one product that is available under prescription. Its epidiolex, a CBD-based drug for treating seizures. But even with the change of the laws regarding medical cannabis, doctors still don’t give prescriptions. But why can’t doctors give patients prescriptions for CBD Oil? Well, first, the use of medical marijuana is not taught in medical school. This means that doctors don’t have extensive knowledge regarding their use and side effects. Secondly, there is still a need for more research studies.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that more people are turning to alternative medicine. CBD is one of the most popular forms of non-pharmaceutical drugs which has several health effects. Its ability to treat various conditions without causing negative effects. This compound is also non-addictive. So, it means that it’s highly effective for long-term use.