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Debt Settlement Companies that You Should Consider

People get debts such as a credit card debt, a personal loan or a medical debt among others. However, when experiencing difficulty in paying the debt and are looking into the viable options that you have, one needs to educate themselves about debt settlement services and what they entail. It …

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How to Choose the Best Type of Student Loan

Student loans exist to help financially needy students get through college. Sometimes grants and scholarships do not cover the whole tuition fee, or you fail to get them. The next option you have is to consider getting a student loan. Well, both the government and private banks offer loans, but …

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49 things I’ve learned during 49 years on Earth

Happy birthday to me! Today I turn 49. Here’s a photo from my third birthday. (I’m tucked just behind Mom, opening a present.) To celebrate my 49th birthday, I want to share 49 nuggets of wisdom I’ve picked up during my time on this Earth. These are things I’ve found …

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How to think like a billionaire Get Rich Slowly

Whenever you make a choice, there’s a cost. By choosing to buy one item, you pass on the opportunity to purchase other items. By choosing to do one thing, you pass on the opportunity to spend your time on anything else. Opportunity cost is what we give up in order …

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Live the life you want, not just the life you can afford

Over the past decade, I’ve attended a variety of camps and conferences to speak to people about money. Most of these events are money-related, but every once in a while I’m asked to speak at a non-financial function. In 2011, for instance, I was on a panel at the International …

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