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A Guide on Buying the Best Home Carpet Cleaner

Carpets add aesthetic value to your space. When you buy carpets, you also need to purchase cleaning equipment. There is a variety of cleaners in the market, but not all suit your home. You should go for the best home carpet cleaner. To help with that, herein are factors to …

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Simple Guide: Buy the Best Home Security System

Home security is an essential need for every modern household, and sooner or later in life, even the most altruistic ones have to seriously consider it. And when that time comes, making a wise choice is a must. And finding the best home security system doesn’t have to be a …

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A different kind of gallery wall from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hey all! I’m chugging away at projects around here and amping up for some big ones too. I’m trying to get our basement storage room under control before I start the big stuff though. I have this thing about messes and DIY — it’s hard to focus on a new project when …

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