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Feel The Music with The Best Headphones

When it comes to noise, it’s pretty much unavoidable. From the birds with their range of songs in the morning, loud honks as vehicles try to navigate the streets, to construction materials rumbling through the day. However, every now and then you need to lock out the world, even for a moment. While you may not be able to afford tickets to a deserted island, you could get a pair of headphones, and lock out the world while enjoying some close and personal sounds to soothe you.

Headphones deserve to win man’s best innovation competition or at least be in the running for the award. Headphones have solved a myriad of problems and as little, as they may be, it is hard to envision life without them, especially when you start getting used to them.

Like everything else made by man, here’s what stands out, what is on the average, and what’s straight up deplorable. Headphones are no exception. Here, the focus is on the best headphones in the market, and while best is argumentative, you will agree the below headphones have made their way to your ears and the top pics.

Before getting to the list, it’s important to look at the process followed to determine the best headphones from the rest. Here’s what makes headphones stand out;

1. Active Noise Cancelling Feature

Reasons for having headphones vary from person to another, you may want to cancel out the noise around you, or you may just want to peacefully listen to music without external disruptions. Whichever the case may be, locking out the noise is an important part of the best headphones.

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones are those that have one or more microphone whose function is to measure the noise level around the cans. After the noise has been measured, customized electronics create sound waves which block the ambient noise. Passive Noise Cancelling (PNC) headphones, on the other hand, are headphones whose ear cups partially block the ambient noise. Headphones with denser foam will block out the more external noise.

2. Durability

Most modern headphones are chargeable. While this may be a good thing, it also limits how long you can listen through the headphones. The charge can normally range anywhere where from 15 hours to 40 hours. It’ll be long before you exhaust the charge, but when you do, it may be through your jam, and no one wants that.

Other features looked at include; price, Bluetooth and touch control functionalities. And now for the list:

First off, in the category of the best headphones overall headphone is the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. The headphone fits over your eras, has microphone functionality, is enables with Bluetooth and has a 20-hour battery life. The headphones efficient ANC functionalities and have added a Google Assistant Button, ideal for quick inquiries about issues such as new restaurants nearby or the weather.

They are going for $349.

In the best headphones under $200 category, the Sennheiser HD 4.50 headphones clinched the title. Apart from being pocket-friendly, they are also fitted with a microphone, Bluetooth and the battery life will last for around 19 hours. The headphones have a sleek design, are comfortable and the audio quality can only be described as clean and precise.

The headphones are retailing at $173.51

In the best headphones over-ear category, the Bowers & Wilkins PX Headphones took the trophy. The headphones are fitted with a microphone and Bluetooth and coasts a battery life of 22 hours. Furthermore, if you prefer quiet music, the PX has a companion app that allows you to adjust the ANC modes, and determine how much ambient noise to let in.

They are retailing at $399

In the best headphones on-ear, Bose QuietComfort3 Headphones took the day. As per any other great headphones, they are super light, weighing at 4.8 ounces and are fitted with a microphone and but they lack the Bluetooth functionality. The battery life is a whopping 25 hours. The sound quality is best described as turnkey.

They are retailing at $349.

In the best headphones continuous audio, Plantronics Backbeat Pro2 came out on top. They have active noise canceling functionalities that are setting the industry’s benchmark and are fitted with both a microphone and Bluetooth. The battery life extends to 24 hours and unlike most of the competition, the sound quality is clear, unlike most of the competing brands which have a slight white hiss.

They are retailing at $182.97

In the best premium headphones, Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones are unrivaled for the first position. They are fitted with both a microphone and Bluetooth and other than seamless design, have up to 22 hours of juice in the battery. The headphones are available both as on-ear and over-ear. On the design part, they are made from both stainless steel and leather, giving them that perfect finish.

They are retailing at $399.

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