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The world has become one small global village. You can communicate with a person on the other side of the world and even transact business, transfer monies, and carry out a myriad of other functionalities. Innovations in gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones and laptops have aided in access to the internet and subsequently, globalization.

Getting the best laptop to aid you in transacting your business can be seen as an easy affair, but the best laptops are hard to find and though it all boils down to preference, herein are a few standard tests to carry out before buying any laptop.


One of the most common tests to getting the best laptops is the efficiency test. Though the term efficient is broad in its giving, it can be narrowed down to mean how well the laptop you want to buy carries out mundane commands. For instance, when you turn on a laptop, you don’t need one that will take hours of loading before it actually starts up, you want something that’s up and running at a moment’s notice.

Another key test of efficacy is how smoothly applications run on the laptop. When you open an application or software, it should be seamless to open and run.

Essentially, the market is always evolving, and while what is hot today may be history in a few days, the best laptops will always be the efficient ones. True efficiency is guided by the laptops processing power, storage, Random Access Memory et al.


Have you ever looked at a laptop and just thought it was beautiful? You and seven billion other people in the world. Throughout history, computers have morphed from immobile room-sized machines with humdrum functionalities to desktops that were lighter, faster but were still immobile. The innovation to laptops was arguably one of the best in the computer world. Not only are they light, you can also carry them around and use them at any point.

There’s more to design than just the weight of a laptop, there’s also the design of the keyboard, the screen, ports, ease of connectivity and so on. Again, while design will preference will differ from person to another, one thing that seems clear across the board, is the lighter the better.


If you are in search of the best laptop, connectivity is one of the premises you cannot afford to overlook. The best laptops in the market will have the best and most seamless connectivity available. When handling the matter of connectivity, it’s important to break it down;

The first type of connectivity is internet connectivity. Connecting to the net has become as basic as breathing. When looking at the best laptops, look at how easy it is to connect to the internet, try a few

WI-FI spots and you could even tether your phone.

The second type of connectivity is that to a phone or tablet. Very often, you will have to transfer files from your phone or tablet to your laptop and you need the two to easily connect. Before purchasing your laptop, ensure it can connect to your phone in multiple fronts, i.e. Bluetooth and through a cable. Also, ensure your phone and laptop are compatible and you can move files to and fro any device.

The final type of connectivity is between laptops. Other than your phone, you will also need to move a file from one laptop to another. Although there are numerous apps, software, and functionalities that can assist with that, it’s also important to have a basic peer to peer connectivity, which could come in handy a time of need.

Other important connections to look at include HDMI, VGA, USB, Mouse and External Keyboards.


Price is perhaps one of the most looked at factor when determining what laptop to buy. It goes without saying, the best laptops cost a pretty penny, but at the end of the day, the price should match the performance.

While looking at the best laptops, compare the price of your budget, what the laptop offers and what specific functionalities you need it for. For instance, if you need a laptop to carry out design jobs, you’ll need one with advanced graphics, and high-end RAM and ROM specs.

After sales service

When you buy a laptop –or any gadget for that matter, it’s important to consider after sales services. These will be beneficial when you have questions, queries or are just curious about particular functions of the laptop. While purchasing the laptop, ask how you can contact the product distributor, as well as the product manufacturer both online and physically.

Also, be keen about warranties, menus, and any other relevant information offered.

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