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Best Musical Instrument for Karaoke Freaks

For many people, Karaoke parties spell fear in their minds. You could be singing off key, you might not remember the lyrics and appear dumb or you might lack the courage to stand in front of the crowd to let your freak flag fly. Many things could go wrong, but …

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Feel The Music with The Best Headphones

When it comes to noise, it’s pretty much unavoidable. From the birds with their range of songs in the morning, loud honks as vehicles try to navigate the streets, to construction materials rumbling through the day. However, every now and then you need to lock out the world, even for …

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For Designing Versatile Integrated Circuits

One of the most popular freeware for layout and design, LASI is amazingly versatile as it can be used with various electronic components like ICs, MEMS, PC boards and project documentation drawings. In its latest version, tooltips have been turned off for better user experience on Windows and some more …

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Interfacing Laser Diode with Arduino Uno

There are various ways to interface a laser with Arduino depending on the application. A laser diode finds applications in CD/DVD reading and recording, optical-fibre communications, laser printing and scanning, laser pointers, directional lighting, barcode readers and so on. A laser diode can be interfaced with Arduino Uno using photoresistors, …

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Mini Fridge With Peltier Modules

It was in the middle of 1821 when J.T. Seebeck discovered that if two dissimilar metals connected at two different points are held at different temperatures, a microvoltage develops. This phenomenon is called Seebeck effect. Some years later, Peltier discovered that if a voltage is applied to a thermocouple, one …

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