For many people, Karaoke parties spell fear in their minds. You could be singing off key, you might not remember the lyrics and appear dumb or you might lack the courage to stand in front of the crowd to let your freak flag fly. Many things could go wrong, but not you have one of the best musical instruments with you for the party. The STVG-519 singing machine is the magic formula for making your singing parties fun and successful. The STVG-519 singing machine is a multipurpose system that will revolutionize your entertainment experience. Its best rating stems from its improved utility, versatility and user-friendliness.Read More →

When it comes to noise, it’s pretty much unavoidable. From the birds with their range of songs in the morning, loud honks as vehicles try to navigate the streets, to construction materials rumbling through the day. However, every now and then you need to lock out the world, even for a moment. While you may not be able to afford tickets to a deserted island, you could get a pair of headphones, and lock out the world while enjoying some close and personal sounds to soothe you. Headphones deserve to win man’s best innovation competition or at least be in the running for the award.Read More →

One of the most popular freeware for layout and design, LASI is amazingly versatile as it can be used with various electronic components like ICs, MEMS, PC boards and project documentation drawings. In its latest version, tooltips have been turned off for better user experience on Windows and some more updates. LASI is a conventionally preferred module since the times of Win32, and its various updated versions have been quite popular across Windows Vista, XP and now Windows 7. It can also be accessed on Linux operating systems using Wine translator. There are, however, some user limitations in the Linux version. What makes it suchRead More →

The latest sensors, including those used in IoTs and wearables, are soon going to revolutionise electronics industry. Be it a silent heart attack detector that detects the protein level of a patient or a posture-correcting chair that alerts the occupant sitting in a wrong posture—both recently invented by Indian teenagers—sensors have a vital role to play in electronic devices. The fact is that the application of sensors is ever-expanding along with the progress in science and technology. As per industry reports, sensors are becoming the biggest and fastest growing markets, comparable with computers and communication devices markets. You find sensors in smartphones, automobiles, security systems andRead More →

There are various ways to interface a laser with Arduino depending on the application. A laser diode finds applications in CD/DVD reading and recording, optical-fibre communications, laser printing and scanning, laser pointers, directional lighting, barcode readers and so on. A laser diode can be interfaced with Arduino Uno using photoresistors, photodiodes, phototransistors or similar sensors and detectors. Fig. 1: A laser pointer Laser diodes and modules are available in various sizes and shapes. For example, a 3V to 5V DC, 5mW laser module is available in a metal case (Fig. 1). It produces a laser of about 650nm wavelength and a tiny red dot. ItRead More →

“Of all the forces of nature, I should think the wind contains the largest amount of motive power—that is, power to move things. Take any given space of the earth’s surface—for instance, Illinois; and all the power exerted by all the men, and beasts, and running-water, and steam, over and upon it, shall not equal the one hundredth part of what is exerted by the blowing of the wind over and upon the same space. And yet it has not, so far in the world’s history, become proportionally valuable as a motive power. It is applied extensively, and advantageously, to sail-vessels in navigation. Add toRead More →

It was in the middle of 1821 when J.T. Seebeck discovered that if two dissimilar metals connected at two different points are held at different temperatures, a microvoltage develops. This phenomenon is called Seebeck effect. Some years later, Peltier discovered that if a voltage is applied to a thermocouple, one junction of the thermocouple heats up while the other cools down. Opposite of the Seebeck effect is called the Peltier effect. This guide to designing a little solid-state cooler engine is centered on the commonly available Peltier chip. A Peltier chip is a thermo-element that utilises the Peltier effect to implement a heat pump. ItRead More →

In this project, we look to solve the problem of the number of appliances being operated using a microcontroller. Generally, this number is restricted to 3 or 4, with this project in action, it can be increased up to 1 appliances. When we make appliances control by RF (ASK) module we control only 4 appliances, but we can control up to 16 appliances because the ICs used in transmitter and receiver sections (HT12E & HT12D) convert BCD parallel data into serial data. Since it can take BCD input, we can give 24=16 different type of input and it can be decoded at the receiver sectionRead More →