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Do Not Let Yourself Go Camping Without Your Axe

You wouldn’t like to be stuck in a situation where you don’t have the proper equipment. No matter if you are digging, cutting, or trimming, the new generation of best camp-ax will do the task for you.

Pick an axe that makes you and your group feel safe during your camping experience. While you are on the trail, making a camp-fire or solving unforeseen problems, the proper equipment will help ease of your adventure. Active Junky tested a few axes on the market and determined which are the best camp axes for your needs. Below you will see the list with a few details of each axe to help you choose the best one for you. Don’t forget to sign up for Active Junky to see their exclusive deals and cash back on all their gear.

How to Choose the Best Camp Axe for You:

Firstly, look at the options based on your personal needs. Active Junky recommends taking in consideration the type of tasks that you will encounter in your home or cabin.

Preparation for Campsite:

Agility is an import aspect for your axe, rather than just thinking of it’s cutting power. An axe that is lighter, shorter, and sharper will be the best camp axe to use. You need the equipment that will snag less in bushes, doesn’t impede movement, and can be used in other ways rather than just with the blade.

Campsite Construction:

A controlled and accurate maneuver is important to help drive the tent stakes with a precise impact from your axe. This is also important so you don’t damage wood, plastic, aluminum or alloy stakes. Also, when constructing a shelter, cutting and trimming wood will be part of the process, make sure to find the best camp axe to ease off these demanding tasks.

Create a Campfire:

Preparation for a campfire can include shaving tinder, chopping limbs and splitting dried or hard wood. Penetration is important to make sure you get a proper pile of wood.

Traveling in the Backcountry:

Carrying a few extra pounds of axe weight is vital to insure you have the equipment necessary incase of any troubles. Your best camp axe can help you build splints or crutches, as well as aid during a storm or natural disaster. Always be prepared for a variety of scenarios. Size and weight is to be considered when transporting your best camp axe.

Home and Cabin Utility:

During tasks at home or at a cabin, your axe will come in handy. Since most axes feature a shorter handle, they are not the safest choice for powerful swings against large lumber, metal bolts or concrete. Shorter handles are usually for single-handed uses which can limit control of the axe head.


Best Camp Axe Attributes

Five Attributes were evaluated, and one Key Attribute was selected for each axe.

Size: The weight and dimensions are a priority

Durability: Long term use with short-term wear

Agility: Proper balance and easy single-handed maneuvers

Utility: Usage in a variety of tasks

Penetration: Cut with accuracy and productivity


Starting at $139.95

Best “Quiver of One” Camp Axe:

The Klax Axe has a fold-flat tool protected by a ballistic nylon wallet, it has a 14.4oz stainless steel blade, and you can purchase de 15” hardwood handle or create your own.

Pros: Secure attachment to the handle and a stay-sharp edge on all tools.

Cons: Practice is necessary to handle tool properly.

Key Attribute: Utility

Best For: Backcountry, adventure travel, or an ultimate gift.


Starting at $177.60

Best “Cutting” Camp Axe:

This Outdoor Axe assures you a confident straight-swing, with usage on larger limbs that cuts deeper than 1lb. It has a chainsaw-like penetration that cuts into pine and hardwoods, as well as a more delicate task like shaping and shaving.

Pros: Proficient control, and good looks.

Cons: Precision is needed to make use of it with it’s short blade length.

Key Attribute: Agility

Best For: Climbing andCamping.


$48.00 – $63.00

Best “First Camp” Axe:

It is a 14” model that works for tough limbing and splitting chores with it’s smooth 2.6” steel head. The Gerber axe weighting at 24oz helps your swinging power along with close-in control grip.

Pro: Great value, lifetime warranty.

Cons: Shorter blade length.

Key Attribute: Penetration

Best For: Cabin and camp use, some digging or paddling expeditions.

Other Best Camp Axe Brands:

  • CRKT
  • Estwing
  • Ontario Knife Company
  • Wetterlings
  • Outdoor Edge

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