HP’s Chromebook x2 is more than the first Chrome OS-based 2-in-1 with a detachable keyboard and pen. Announced Monday, this $599 tablet wants to compete with the likes of the iPad Pro. If it makes any headway, the Surface Pro should probably worry, too. While the Chromebook x2 looks affordable compared to its iPad Pro and Surface Pro rivals, it does look expensive for a Chromebook—most of its category cousins are still around $300. Its features are pretty nice, though, and Chromebook veterans may be able to appreciate the difference. HPHP’s Chromebook x2 is the first 2-in-1 Chromebook. HP Chromebook x2 specs and features TheRead More →

Whether you love them or hate them, it’s hard to ignore the number of PC components with RGB lights. Multi-colored PC lighting has crept into almost every category out there—even sound cards and power supplies. What’s less clear is just how easy it is to build a system entirely of RGB parts and then simultaneously control all of the lighting. So to put it to the test, we’re building a PC that houses as many RGB components as possible. Parts list When choosing the parts for this build—which we’ve affectionately dubbed our “Viva Las Vegas” machine—it became clear that even four years into this RGB fad, youRead More →

Selecting the best Intel 300-series motherboard to fit your needs was straightforward when the initial wave of 8th-gen Core desktop processors launched in October 2017, because only the enthusiast-class Z370 chipset released alongside the new chips. That was enough to help the flagship Core i7-8700K CPU counter AMD’s Ryzen threat at the high end, but left PC users looking for more affordable options in a pickle. Buying a $100 Core i3 chip doesn’t make much sense when you’re forced to slap it in a $130, high-end motherboard, especially with AMD offering a full arsenal of Ryzen motherboards at all price points. Intel’s 6-core Core i5-8600KRead More →

Windows PCs that use the battery-sipping Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM processor are just beginning to roll out, but they include some major caveats. One of them, the inability to run 64-bit apps, doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. According to a Microsoft representative, the company will “share more details” on  a preview of its ARM64 software development kit (SDK) at its Build developer conference at the beginning of May. It’s unclear when the preview version of the SDK will be released, when a final version will debut, or when apps based upon it will roll out to end users. “We will be sharing moreRead More →

Did you know in Crusader Kings II you can make a horse become ruler of the Roman Empire? And if that doesn’t convince you to pick up a copy of the game for free this weekend, then I don’t know anything that will. More details on that below, plus Assassin’s Creed: Origins adds cheat codes, Shadow of War deep-sixes loot boxes, Path of Exile temporarily goes battle royale, Lawbreakers studio Boss Key starts work on a new project, and maybe some Shaquille O’Neal news too. This is gaming news for April 2 to 6. Going medieval As I said up top, this week’s freebie isRead More →

High-dynamic range displays deliver stunningly bright colors with deep, dark blacks, and the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update dropping any day now will include enhanced HDR support. But HDR is still relatively new to PCs. If you’re looking to upgrade, Dell’s UltraSharp 27-inch U2718Q 4K HDR monitor is on sale for $500 right now, with something extra to sweeten the deal. This monitor retails for $740, so you’re saving $240 off the bat. On top of that, Dell will email you a $200 Dell eGift Card for its online store. It expires 90 days after issue, but that’s more than enough time to grab some extraRead More →

Cortana, where art thou? That’s what PCWorld wanted to know when we spoke with Microsoft’s recently-minted Cortana czar, Javier Soltero, late last week. The digital assistant who made a splash in Windows 10 with her snappy comebacks and silly knock-knock jokes is still offering to help you with your calendar and search. She’s even migrated to mobile apps for Android and iOS. But Cortana hasn’t talked her way into our homes like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have, making her staying power look uncertain. That’s where Soltero comes in. We sat down with Cortana’s new chief in the wake of a significant management shakeup that willRead More →

Mozilla on Tuesday announced that it is building a browser designed especially for displaying virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content, betting that the technology will become core to the internet. “We believe that the future of the web will be heavily intertwined with virtual and augmented reality, and that future will live through browsers,” asserted Sean White, Mozilla’s chief research and development officer, in an April 3 post to a company blog. Firefox Reality, the moniker for the browser White laid out, was far from ready for end-user deployment, but was available Tuesday in developer builds, and because Mozilla is an open-source developer,Read More →

The world has become one small global village. You can communicate with a person on the other side of the world and even transact business, transfer monies, and carry out a myriad of other functionalities. Innovations in gadgets such as laptops and mobile phones and laptops have aided in access to the internet and subsequently, globalization. Getting the best laptop to aid you in transacting your business can be seen as an easy affair, but the best laptops are hard to find and though it all boils down to preference, herein are a few standard tests to carry out before buying any laptop. Efficiency OneRead More →