Technology has made it possible for people to attain their wellness goals in a timely way. Applications can now be used to make meal plans, search for food recipes, and obtain workout tips and guides. Although there are hundreds of apps on the market, there as some which are highly effective. This article gives a review of the top-rated best weight loss apps.

An Overview of Weight Loss Apps

This is a software application that has been designed to run on various smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc. A weight-loss app contains multiple features that help the user to effectively manage their weight. Apps are designed by different companies and they run on different operating systems.

Benefits of Weight Loss Apps

Every smartphone user has an app which they use for a specific function. Apps have changed the way we interact with other people, save information, and access data among other things. So, if you are on a weight loss journey, why should you download a corresponding application?

  • Convenience

    Everyone nowadays takes their mobile phone with them wherever they go. So, if you are looking for something that can help you to conveniently manage your weight, then you need a weight-loss application.

  • Data Safety

    Unlike writing down your goals, applications provide a safer way of storing data. Some of them even come with app locks and you can be guaranteed that your personal information is safe from intruders.

  • Diet Information

    One of the best weight loss tips is to make dietary changes. These applications make it easier for the user to make dietary changes by providing access to a massive database of food information. Additionally, they also provide healthier food alternatives that are suitable for accelerating weight loss.

  • Notifications

    Mobile applications will notify you of your weight loss progress. You will be able to know if you are making progress, stagnating, or declining. These notifications are important because they help you to understand your weight loss journey and what changes you need to make if you are to attain your goals.

  • Support

    Motivation and support are necessary if you need to attain any life goal. Most of these weight loss applications offer access to a community of other like-minded people. Here, you will be able to get the necessary support and motivation that you need to reach your goals.

The Best Weight Loss Apps

There are thousands of weight loss apps that are designed to help users lose weight and get in shape. These programs act like personal trainers and dieticians. They also come with a support community, making them handy tools for wellness. But what are some of the best weight loss apps currently?


Nike Training Club is the ultimate fitness companion. This weight loss application comes with more than 185 programs of free workouts which range from endurance and strength to body mobility and flexibility.  What makes Nike+ an effective application is that it features Master Trainers that are suitable for every type of drill. Nike Training Club allows you to work out from anywhere at any time. Using it allows you to attain the weight loss goals that you need. Besides that, the workouts can be personalized. There are “daily picks” which are picked based on your weight loss routine. Note that the more you use this app for training, the more personal workout recommendations become.

Weight Loss Apps: Nike+

Key Features

  • Suitable for workouts at any time and anywhere
  • Your workouts can be personalized
  • The app has guidance tools that help users to reach their weight loss goals in a timely manner.
  • A wide range of workouts which are suitable for all levels. The workout library consists of beginner, intermediate, and advanced training levels
  • Allows you to record all your activities


  • Suitable for all types of training equipment
  • The app is suitable for all types of trainers
  • It contains workouts by your favorite athletes


  • Long intervals which create gaps
  • The app isn’t updated frequently

Happy Scale

While most weight loss apps require you to record your weight a couple of times in order to understand the amount of weight you’re losing, Happy Scale is very different. This is one of the best weight loss apps that will calculate your weight behind the scenes and provide you with insights on when you will be able to achieve your weight loss goals. With a sophisticated math program, you will be able to learn and understand your weight loss journey. Happy Scale will definitely change your relationship with weight scales. The app has a trend line that you can use to track your weight. It will give you a new and positive outlook in life even when things get rough.

Weight Loss Apps: Happy Scale

Key Features

  • The app can sync between different smart devices including iPad and iPhone
  • It comes with an app lock that you can use to protect your entries
  • Suitable for dieters who need to track their weight loss goals
  • You can use Happy Scale to set and attain your long-term weight loss goals


  • Provides weight-loss trends and insights
  • It allows the user to see their true progress
  • Works with a variety of smart devices


  • The premium features require in-app purchases


It’s one of the best weight loss apps that’s popular with dieters at the moment. MyNetDiary is effective software that’s also your nutrition assistant. It is a user-friendly and sophisticated app that you can use as a food diary, exercise tracker, and a calorie counter. MyNetDiary makes it easier for the user to track their weight loss by setting goals, target date, get calorie plans, and obtain exercise and meal details among others. Besides that, there are also healthier recommendations and suggested tweaks that you can use to enhance your wellness. MyNetDiary comes with a weight loss forecast that helps users to determine if they are making progress. It supports a wide range of diets including keto, macros, and a low-carb diet among others.

Weight Loss Apps: MyNetDiary

Key Features

  • A massive food database that includes ethnic foods, restaurants, special diets, and grocery stores.
  • It supports multiple types of diets
  • The app has an autopilot mode that keeps users out of the weight plateau phase
  • Provides users with convenient logs of food and the latest food entries
  • Has an auto tracker for exercise


  • Works with GoogleFit
  • Has a wide database of food and exercises
  • Uses charts to provide users with insights
  • Instant food scoring


  • Doesn’t have an option to maintain or gain weight
  • You cannot change your macronutrient targets unless you have paid the annual subscription fee


If you want to achieve your personal wellness objectives, BetterMe is a great tool that can help you to improve your workout and meal plans. The versatile and user-friendly app is available in four languages which are English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. This app is a fitness companion that offers users guides and tips on a healthier diet. It offers weekly customized meal plans as well as workout insights that you can use to rid your body of excess fat. All the workout videos are instructive and demonstrative so you don’t have to worry about execution.


Key Features

  • A 28-day meal plan
  • 15-minute sets of workouts
  • It’s a simple and interactive app
  • Provides the best weight loss tips on how to attack fat in problematic areas such as the neck, legs, arms, and stomach.


  • It contains customized programs
  • Interactive programs that allow you to work out from anywhere
  • Nutritious meal plans that are designed to help users attain their goals


  • Requires subscription fee for premium access
  • Limited range of exercises that relate to mobility
  • You may be charged even if you’re using the free trial app

Lose It!

With millions of global users, Lose It weight loss app makes it easy for you to set and track your weight loss progress. Lose It! Is it a challenging and fun application that’s highly customizable? It allows users to log in to their food and exercise data. The app has a large database that consists of more than 7 million items. Lose It! Offers users a customized calorie budget as well as a weight loss plan. The versatile app can also be connected with other devices and apps which include fitness trackers, biometric devices among others.

Lose it!Key Features

  • It can track the number of calories and level of physical activity
  • Syncs with Apple Health and GoogleFit
  • Provides insights on nutrition
  • Suitable for meal planning and searching for meal recipes


  • No ads
  • Can be used to track multiple components including foods, exercises, water consumption, etc.
  • Custom themes


  • It sometimes freezes
  • Premium features require a subscription fee

Weight Loss Apps: Customer Reviews

Generally, the above-mentioned apps have proved to be effective for most customers. These weight loss apps are made with sophisticated features that make food planning and weight loss tracking easier and convenient. And even though they have some downsides, they are more than 70 percent beneficial in helping users attain their wellness goals.

Final Thoughts on Weight Loss Apps

Losing weight requires so much dedication and monitoring. You need to keep track of what you are eating, when you are eating, and the level of your fitness. You can also check other Weight loss apps in the market such as Fitbit, Spark People, Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal Apps, etc. Additionally, they are convenient for use and provide a channel to interact with other like-minded people.