Are you looking for the best spy software for android phones? You have almost got it. In this article, we have discussed the most trusted android monitoring software TheOneSpy. It enables the end-user to track and control cell phone of someone else without them knowing. Through the web-based control panel of the app, the end-user can remotely supervise activities performed on a cell phone. The high-tech surveillance app also allows controlling several functions of the targeted android device. Read on to know about features, compatible devices, price, pluses and limitations of the software. 

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring Solution 

The cell phone surveillance software enables parents and employers to closely watch out the digital activities of kids and employees. The app offers powerful features enabling users to get access to data stored on the targeted device. It includes but not limited to chats, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, voice recordings, emails and keylogs. The app allows monitoring and controlling the android device via web-based control panel. 

Significant Features 

The app offers number of high-tech features enabling user to track and operate an android device. From live screen recording to social media monitoring and GPS location tracking, we have discussed here the most significant features of the app. Check them out! 

Find GPS Location 

The app lets you know the current position of your target. By logging into the online portal of the spy app, you can see the current GPS location of the target android phone. You can also see location history and mark locations to stay informed of visits to marked areas. 

Capture Screen 

You can capture almost every cell phone activity of target by getting the targeted phone screen recorded. The surveillance app records screen by making video or taking screenshots with a predetermined interval.  

Record Surrounding 

The activities performed in the surrounding of the targeted phone can be recorded by remotely turning on camera and MIC of that phone. The app secretly takes photos and makes videos of the surroundings to keep you updated about nearby events.  

Track Social Media 

From Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp and Line, the most commonly used social networking apps and instant messengers can be monitored with the help of android spy app. You can get access to online messages, call logs and posts. 

Block/Uninstall Apps 

If you do not want your kids to use a specific app, you can block or uninstall the app without accessing the phone. The parental control app allows blocking, unblocking or uninstalling mobile apps.  

Access Browsing Details 

The internet usage of the target can be evaluated by getting access to the internet browsing history of the targeted phone. You can also find out the frequently visited webpages by accessing bookmarks. 

Retrieve Photos and Videos 

The android parental control app lets you see photos and videos saved on the targeted phone. It also allows retrieving deleted media files right from the online portal. 

Manage Contacts 

The contact numbers saved on the targeted phone can be accessed and managed via online control panel of the app. It allows adding new numbers and deleting unwanted contacts. 

Monitor Calls and Messages 

The app allows monitoring incoming and outgoing messages and phone calls by uploading them to the online portal.

Spy Software for Android PhonesCompatible Devices 

The surveillance solution is compatible with all mobile phone networks and mobile phones running Android OS 5 and greater. It supports android smartphones manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, LG and many other smartphone manufacturers. 


This is reasonably priced software the price of which varies between $15 and $45 a month. The subscription of lite version costs around $15 and $45 for premier version.  


  • It supports unrooted mobile phones as well. 
  • It comes with a demo version. 
  • It is inexpensive as compared to other high-tech spy apps. 
  • It tracks popular social and instant messaging apps. 
  • It is undetectable. 
  • It comes with TOS navigator app. 


  • Rooting is mandatory to run premier features of the spy app. 
  • App cannot be installed without having access to device. 
  • There is no trial version. 


The cell phone spy app is an inexpensive and feature-rich solution for android mobile phones and tablets. The end-user can keep tabs on an android device with complete secrecy and without letting the target know.