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Best Musical Instrument for Karaoke Freaks

For many people, Karaoke parties spell fear in their minds. You could be singing off key, you might not remember the lyrics and appear dumb or you might lack the courage to stand in front of the crowd to let your freak flag fly. Many things could go wrong, but not you have one of the best musical instruments with you for the party. The STVG-519 singing machine is the magic formula for making your singing parties fun and successful.

The STVG-519 singing machine is a multipurpose system that will revolutionize your entertainment experience. Its best rating stems from its improved utility, versatility and user-friendliness. Even better, you will be handling a lightweight music system and so moving about should be stress-free. Setting up it up is also easy-peasy.

So what features make the Singing Machine STVG-519 one of the best musical instruments?

The ability to play both CD and CD+G. To streamline this utility and ensure the hype is real, the Singing Machine STVG-519 comes with two microphones (wired) and a generously wide LED track display. To help you know the words and get in sync with the melody, the 5.5-inch monitor will be displaying lyrics for the songs you play. All that will be needed from you is a connection with the rhythm.

The built-in screen is the latest addition available in only the best musical instruments. This is greatly beneficial since you won’t have to rely on another display device such as a computer or TV to read your lyrics during a party. However, thanks to the versatility of this musical instruments, you can still use the audio and video auxiliary to hook the lyrics to a TV or a bigger screen if you like.

What’s more, there is the option to plug in your auxiliary jack and enjoy mp3 or mp3+G songs from your phone or tablet. This way friends and family will taste a variety from your limitless music menu. This inclusion is much need, considering CDs have a few numbers of tracks and that re-loaded tracks get outdated fast with time.

As one of the best musical instruments in the market, you can expect multiple ways to play your songs with the Singing Machine STVG-519. For starters, its built-in speakers are loud enough and high resolution. But you can also connect this musical instrument to a TV via the complimentary RCA cables. To set your pace and rhythm, the LED track display has controls to help you make adjustments to the songs when they play.

Karaoke’s are all about fun, talent and socializing. The best musical instruments for Karaoke, therefore, should give you an option to sing with your friends or solo if you like. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look too hard, the STVG-519 Singing Machine contains this feature. There are two wired microphones slots for this purpose. Then again, this singing machine is compatible with wireless microphones. That should enhance your mobility when doing a duet.

The best musical instruments need to have full options for voice control. In this case, automatic controls are better. Singers can then play around with the features for voice control, balance and mute among others. You can choose to silence your voice and give prominence to the music in the background or you can adjust your tone and pitch to suit the mood of the party.

For a whole new musical experience, the STVG-519 Singing Machine also has voice controls that include echo and balance effects. There is also the auto-fade controls that allow you adjust pre-recorded vocals before chiming in.

The design and feel of the STVG-519 Singing Machine will surpass your expectations. It is compact and lightweight (11pounds). This musical instrument entails a black and silver finish. It has dimensions of 11.3 by 12.6 by 17.4 inches. The STVG-519 singing machine resembles other musical instruments.

In summary, benefits of the STVG-519 Singing Machine over others including:

  • High versatility; you can play music from your mobile devices
  • You can play a CD and read lyrics at the same time
  • Extensive voice control features
  • Vocal enhancement features to help you sound like a pro

The STVG-519 Singing Machine is a musical instrument that you can purchase for the purpose of having fun with it at home. However, if you are hosting a karaoke party, you won’t get disappointed in it either. The features as mentioned above will go a long way in ensuring you have a memorable party.

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