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Best Glucometers for Diabetics that You Should Know

Before checking the glucometers recommended below, it is crucial to know that the reviews are not in any way a proper substitute for your doctor. The recommendations are made after considering factors like experience, how much they cost as well as a comparison of several other features. Though it is as well recommended that you consult with your doctor for a glucometer that will suit your needs best.

Glucose meter – it is used to determine the concentration of glucose in the blood. It is mainly used by people suffering from hypoglycemia or diabetes where some blood is put on a test strip that’s disposable and it is used to read the blood glucose level. The below-listed glucometers offer the best healthcare for a diabetic.

The best glucometers:

1. Contour next one

This is the best glucometer overall. You can sync all your readings to your phone via app or Bluetooth. This is because it does not have a large display. It’s very easy to track your diabetes and it’s also very affordable.


It is also very accurate as it has never given a reading far from the range. It has everything you require for the blood sugar test and it’s portable.

2. True Metrix Air.

This is the best glucometer in terms of value. It gives accurate results it’s also the most affordable and easy to get. This is the glucometer which has the best value. It synchronizes the results of your tests to an app on your phone via Bluetooth and it is quite accurate. It as well as test strips which are very affordable and very easy to find.

3. Diabetes testing kit

This Give accurate and quick readings. The kit contains a full blood glucose kit.

4. Flora 6 connect

This glucometer is the best for diabetics who depend on insulin. It is the latest glucometer to be released. It can use Bluetooth and has dual functionality and can be used to test both ketones and blood glucose. According to best health care, it’s referred to as the best glucometer even when it doesn’t have the ketone strip. It’s easy to use as has multiple buttons and has a big and clear display. The most unfortunate part is that they are not available widely and to get one you must make your order online. However, the strips are affordable. Using the Ifora app one is able to share your progress with the doctor and also take notes from your readings.

5. Fora TN’D voice

This is the best glucometer for diabetics who have poor eyesight. It offers the best health care to the diabetics with poor eyesight because it has a loud voice. It loudly reads out one’s glucose level so there is no need of checking the display. The voice is loud and easy to comprehend. The strip is found only Amazon and Fora’s website.

6. Dario

This is the best glucometer for management of data. It’s among the newest and most unique it the market. The meter is connected to a smartphone where you will need to have the companion app to act as an interface. As you take your readings, the data is being uploaded hence provides a good data management system. It’s easy to use and read as the size of the display depends on the size of your phone’s screen.

The strips are not available in a lot of places as Dario is a small brand and is not widely distributed.

When buying a glucometer, you should consider:

  1. The cost – its price should not be an indication of its quality. It should just offer what you are looking for which is best health care.
  2. Its features – if a device has a lot of features compared to the other it doesn’t mean it’s in any way more accurate than the rest.
  3. Insurance coverage – Long-term expenses can be quite high. Several insurance plans cover the tests strips as well as the meters. Co-pays, as well as coverage, vary, it is recommended you check with your insurance provider and speak to your physician to gather more information about the best choice of your insurance plans. The con of using insurance to cover some of the expenses is your plan frequently decrees which brand you utilize. Most diabetics complain about this.
  4. Backup glucometer – it helps you verify the readings to be more accurate and you can use when you don’t have the test strips
  5. Lancets – Each glucometer listed above has it very own lancet. This is a gadget with a needle (spring-loaded) utilized for piercing your pal, forearm or finger. Contrary with test strips, it is not compulsory to use the lancet in your glucometer, you only require something that pulls enough blood to use in the glucometer, just utilize what you feel is affordable and easy. It is as well important to utilize a different lancet needle for every test.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be tricky especially when it comes to testing the levels of glucose in your blood. If you have been recently diagnosed and you want to get used to testing glucose amounts in your blood then Contour Next EZ is a perfect glucometer for you.

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