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Harrison Avery

Regulate Calorie Intake Using Meal Replacement Shakes

A good meal should provide enough nutrition for the body and promote healthy growth. But in today’s world, people are finding it harder and harder to make time for preparing their own meal at home let alone a healthy one. Most of the time, it is very difficult to sit …

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Detox Tea – 5 Best Detox Tea Recipes for Weight Loss

Most people are not aware that increasing tea intake can keep them hydrated. If you want to remain healthy, look for the best detox teas. However, there are no magical techniques that can help someone lose weight without adjusting their lifestyles. There is no healthy or safe way to lose …

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The Best Detox Tea for Healthy Living

Our daily encounters in life sometimes prove to be very stressful. Therefore, it is very important to have self-care products in our homes or even places of work. In order to stay relaxed and healthy, you should include a cup of best detox tea into your daily routine. This will not only …

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Snapchat finally releases iPhone X exclusive AR lenses

Snapchat has finally released the iPhone X exclusive AR lenses. For those who may have forgotten, these lenses were the ones that were demoed during the iPhone X keynote back in September 2017. There are three AR lenses in total, which are the ones you see above. These are only …

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Apple confirms new Mac Pro will be arriving in 2019

Last year Apple held a small meeting for select media to basically confirm that it is working on a new Mac Pro. This was brought on by growing complaints with the Mac lineup, especially the Pro line, which constituted the MacBook Pro that had a disappointing launch and the Mac …

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Nokia 6 (2018) is now available in India

Nokia announced a bunch of smartphones for the Indian market at a special event that took place a couple of days ago. And today the first of those devices has already become available to purchase in the subcontinent. We’re talking about the Nokia 6 (2018), a refinement of the original …

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