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Comprehensive Review of Lose It!

Lose it

A calorie counter provides an efficient and effective way of keeping track of your meals. Fortunately, you don’t need to make estimates anymore since there are many calorie counter apps. This article offers a review of Lose it! one of the best weight loss apps in the market. Table of …

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Comprehensive Review of Fitbit Apps

One of the best ways to track the level of your activity is by wearing a smart device. Smartwatches have proved to be effective devices, especially for health and fitness. Fitbit products are some of the most popular fitness trackers and outlined below are some of the best Fitbit in …

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Comprehensive Review of Spark People Apps

There are thousands of weight loss apps and not all of them are effective. What sets apart the best weight loss apps in the market are their features and simple user interface.  Spark People is one of the top-rated wellness applications that incorporates functional and beautiful features. Outlined below is …

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Comprehensive Review of Weight Watchers Apps

Weight Watchers Apps

Weight loss can be stressful because both the body and mind undergo extreme changes at once. However, there are apps which have been designed to help people attain their wellness goals in a free and unrestricted manner. WW, also popularly known as Weight Watchers, is one of the oldest weight …

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Comprehensive Review of MyFitnessPal Apps

MyFitnessPal App

If you are trying to lose weight or lower your BMI, you definitely need an app that can assist you to hit your goals. Weight loss apps are designed with features that help you to learn vital tips, keep track of your journey, and offer motivation. MyFitnessPal is one of …

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Overview of the Top-Rated Weight Loss Apps

Weight Loss Apps

Technology has made it possible for people to attain their wellness goals in a timely way. Applications can now be used to make meal plans, search for food recipes, and obtain workout tips and guides. Although there are hundreds of apps on the market, there as some which are highly …

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