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A Guide on Buying the Best Home Carpet Cleaner

Carpets add aesthetic value to your space. When you buy carpets, you also need to purchase cleaning equipment. There is a variety of cleaners in the market, but not all suit your home. You should go for the best home carpet cleaner. To help with that, herein are factors to remember when purchasing carpet cleaners.

Suction: an excellent cleaner extract all the water from the carpet leaving it dump and not soggy. Also, ensure you pick a product with powerful rotating brushes.

Stains removal: a worthwhile cleaner is capable of removing tough stains from your carpet. This will ensure the carpet looks as good as new

Efficiency: this has to do with motor amps rating. The higher it is the better. It will clean the carpet effectively.

Maneuverability: the best home carpet cleaner should be able to move in whatever direction you want without so much hassle. This makes cleaning a lot easier.

Maintenance: carpet cleaners also have to be clean. Some of the things you will be doing is emptying and washing your cleaner. Go for a brand that is easy to maintain and remain in a good working condition.

Affordability: most home carpet cleaners are cost friendly considering their size. They are designed for small spaces such your home, thus cannot cost much as is the case with industrial carpet cleaners.

Convenience: go for lightweight products, as they are easy to move around and have amazing maneuverability. If a product has a long power cord and a wide cleaning path, do not ignore it. The cord and wide path are helpful when cleaning expansive carpets.

Attachments: this has to do with accessories. Choose cleaners with a hose on which you can connect other cleaning tools such as those for removing pet stains

Warranty and contact venues: buy cleaners with long warranty periods. Such shows the company’s commitment to offering quality products. Besides, a good brand provides quick and helpful customer service.

Well, here is a review of the best home carpet cleaner worth your money.

a) Hoover Max Pro 60 Cleaner

This is an all-around leaner. It has all the admirable features of the best home carpet cleaner. For instance, it is excellent at removing tough stains with little effort. Its cleaning path is wide ensuring fast cleaning. Hoover’s water tank is easy to fill. You will love the separate detergent tank. Therefore, when you do not detergent for that final pass, you are good to go. The cleaner releases warm air, thanks to its motor. The air helps in drying your carpet.


• Easy rinsing due to the separate detergent tank

• Has a wide cleaning path

• Fast drying


• Few hose accessories

• Lacks headlight for dark spaces

• Warranty could be longer

b) Bissell DeepClean Cleaner-Premier

If you are looking for a highly maneuverable home carpet cleaner, consider Bissell. Its cleaning is not as good as other brands, but it is efficient at removing stains. It leaves your carpet cleaner than other products. Its big water tank eliminates the need for frequent refills. The fact that its cleaning solution and dirty water spaces are close makes this product compact and sizeable. It is also lightweight thus great for those who cannot handle heavy loads. You will need a fan to dry the carpet, as Bissell leaves it a little soggy.


• Great maneuverability

• Effective at stain removal

• Has a big water tank


• Leaves carpets a beat soggy

• Lacks a crevice tool

c) Rug Doctor Cleaner

As one of the best home carpet cleaners, Rug Doctor offers users an amazing suction. This means your carpet is not left soggy thus dries quickly. This brand cleans your carpet well. However, its weight might be a concern for some buyers. Nonetheless, it has a short hose but a long cord, so that is a plus. On accessories, this product allows you attach a number of cleaning tools.


• Quick carpet drying

• Side bristles are great for cleaning carpet edges

• Long cords allow more maneuverability


• Stain removal could be better

• Has a short hose


It is possible that you have a beautiful carpet but lack the best carpet cleaner. That is why your carpet looks terrible yet it has not lasted long. The last thing you need is a carpet with stains, dirt or dust. Ensure you buy a cleaner with the best suction to avoid soggy carpets and ensure fast drying. A wet carpet attracts mold, which is unhealthy.

As you shop, ensure you keep in mind the factors discussed in the introduction. This is the only way to ensure you buy a high quality, helpful best home carpet cleaner.

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