A Guide on Buying the Best Home Carpet Cleaner

Carpets add aesthetic value to your space. When you buy carpets, you also need to purchase cleaning equipment. There is a variety of cleaners in the market, but not all suit your home. You should go for the best home carpet cleaner. To help with that, herein are factors to remember when purchasing carpet cleaners.

Suction: an excellent cleaner extract all the water from the carpet leaving it dump and not soggy. Also, ensure you pick a product with powerful rotating brushes.

Stains removal: a worthwhile cleaner is capable of removing tough stains from your carpet. This will ensure the carpet looks as good as new

Efficiency: this has to do with motor amps rating. The higher it is the better. It will clean the carpet effectively.

Maneuverability: the best home carpet cleaner should be able to move in whatever direction you want without so much hassle. This makes cleaning a lot easier.

Maintenance: carpet cleaners also have to be clean. Some of the things you will be doing is emptying and washing your cleaner. Go for a brand that is easy to maintain and remain in a good working condition.

Affordability: most home carpet cleaners are cost friendly considering their size. They are designed for small spaces such your home, thus cannot cost much as is the case with industrial carpet cleaners.

Convenience: go for lightweight products, as they are easy to move around and have amazing maneuverability. If a product has a long power cord and a wide cleaning path, do not ignore it. The cord and wide path are helpful when cleaning expansive carpets.

Attachments: this has to do with accessories. Choose cleaners with a hose on which you can connect other cleaning tools such as those for removing pet stains

Warranty and contact venues: buy cleaners with long warranty periods. Such shows the company’s commitment to offering quality products. Besides, a good brand provides quick and helpful customer service.

Well, here is a review of the best home carpet cleaner worth your money.

a) Hoover Max Pro 60 Cleaner

This is an all-around leaner. It has all the admirable features of the best home carpet cleaner. For instance, it is excellent at removing tough stains with little effort. Its cleaning path is wide ensuring fast cleaning. Hoover’s water tank is easy to fill. You will love the separate detergent tank. Therefore, when you do not detergent for that final pass, you are good to go. The cleaner releases warm air, thanks to its motor. The air helps in drying your carpet.


• Easy rinsing due to the separate detergent tank

• Has a wide cleaning path

• Fast drying


• Few hose accessories

• Lacks headlight for dark spaces

• Warranty could be longer

b) Bissell DeepClean Cleaner-Premier

If you are looking for a highly maneuverable home carpet cleaner, consider Bissell. Its cleaning is not as good as other brands, but it is efficient at removing stains. It leaves your carpet cleaner than other products. Its big water tank eliminates the need for frequent refills. The fact that its cleaning solution and dirty water spaces are close makes this product compact and sizeable. It is also lightweight thus great for those who cannot handle heavy loads. You will need a fan to dry the carpet, as Bissell leaves it a little soggy.


• Great maneuverability

• Effective at stain removal

• Has a big water tank


• Leaves carpets a beat soggy

• Lacks a crevice tool

c) Rug Doctor Cleaner

As one of the best home carpet cleaners, Rug Doctor offers users an amazing suction. This means your carpet is not left soggy thus dries quickly. This brand cleans your carpet well. However, its weight might be a concern for some buyers. Nonetheless, it has a short hose but a long cord, so that is a plus. On accessories, this product allows you attach a number of cleaning tools.


• Quick carpet drying

• Side bristles are great for cleaning carpet edges

• Long cords allow more maneuverability


• Stain removal could be better

• Has a short hose


It is possible that you have a beautiful carpet but lack the best carpet cleaner. That is why your carpet looks terrible yet it has not lasted long. The last thing you need is a carpet with stains, dirt or dust. Ensure you buy a cleaner with the best suction to avoid soggy carpets and ensure fast drying. A wet carpet attracts mold, which is unhealthy.

As you shop, ensure you keep in mind the factors discussed in the introduction. This is the only way to ensure you buy a high quality, helpful best home carpet cleaner.

Simple Guide: Buy the Best Home Security System

Home security is an essential need for every modern household, and sooner or later in life, even the most altruistic ones have to seriously consider it. And when that time comes, making a wise choice is a must. And finding the best home security system doesn’t have to be a difficult homework. Let’s lay down the basic information how to properly approach the research process.

The Selection Process

1. Basic types

There are two main types of home security systems, based on the type of connection they utilize:


The whole communication between the devices in the system happens via wired connection. Other than the detailed technical differences, which are usually confusing for the common user, the main advantagesand disadvantages of using wired systems are:

Reliability: The communication is reliable since it’s not vulnerable to outside interference. That’s why this type is perfect for big properties and large areas.

Quality: Wired connection provides a lot better flow of data, thus offering high definition preview in as many different locations as needed. Also, the equipment for this type of systems is usually very easy to maintain, and it is more feature-rich.

Cost: This is one of the bad sides of this type of systems. The installation is pretty messy and costly, since it involves drilling for setting up cables. This also means that it will most likely be a permanent solution.

Vulnerability: All of the benefits come with one caveat: single point of failure. The criminals need to cut one phone cable in order to disable the whole system. The cables are also responsible for low flexibility, meaning not being able to be controlled from multiple locations and devices.


With this type of systems, the connection is established through wireless devices equipped with sensors, radio signal transmitters and receivers. This is a more recent technology, and as such employs interesting combination of advantages, but drawbacks as well.

Reliability: In this context, the wireless system would be more suitable in the opposite situation as the wired. It is not as reliable as the cable connection, since it’s a lot more susceptible to outside influence, which can come from a variety of sources: electromagnetic devices, home appliances, structural obstacles like walls and doors, hacking, power loss due to battery discharge and so on. All of these can interrupt or weaken the signal. That’s why wireless system is a better choice for smaller places.

Quality: Because of its nature, wireless connection can’t provide the same data flow like cable does, so the quality will depend on the factors mentioned in the reliability section.

Cost: Wireless home security systems usually cost less to install, since there’s no need to drill and install cables. So, they are quite easy to upgrade, or even replace.

Vulnerability: The main threat is of course, hacking. Every security measure must be taken in order to minimize this risk.

2. Needs

Based on the first step, evaluating the needs is what comes next. The most influential factor is the size of the place, which will determine the type of system that’s best for it. Of course, there are no strict definitions, just best practice tips, and/or personal preferences. Every home security system provider offers different plans and contracts, so planning the needs for the best home security system must include:

Brand: Choosing the brand is not a key factor, however it’s still worth asking for user experience or reading some reviews online. Brands with long tradition in the business, companies with clear and honest policies, excellent customer support and affordable price plans are worth the search.

Features: Nobody needs all the additional features that companies usually offer. It’s important to attend to the basic needs first in order to assure best coverage and installation and avoid unnecessary costs.

Confidence: It doesn’t come with price only. Bloated prices can be as shady as the extremely cheap options. Look for approachable representatives and technical staff that answers even simple questions in an honest and professional manner. Be careful with providers who offer own, proprietary software solutions, since these can come as quite costly, but also sometimes can be very insecure.

Costs: The overall costs of a home security system don’t come only from its initial price. Taxes, regular maintenance costs and on-demand services will be charged separately, so it’s very important to think of the costs as a long-term – or permanent – investment, rather than a one-time fee.

3. The Wise Choice

At the end of this journey, the final decision should come as the best combination of all of the factors from above. The best home security system is the one that is designed in details according to them. Careful analysis and research is the only way to choosing the best way to protect the home.

What I have I done in four months? from Thrifty Decor Chick

Well hello! Long time no talk! I had the flu this weekend — thankfully not as bad as most. I was over it pretty quick but took it easy for the remaining long weekend. Then our boy had some minor sickness as well, so needless to say…I got very little accomplished.

I have SO many big projects planned…I was going to start one over the weekend, but I hope to get going in a day or two instead. Since we’ve now been in our home for four months, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I’ve accomplished in that time. So far I haven’t tackled any major projects, but the little ones have really made a difference! I think it’s encouraging to see that even minor DIY projects can change the whole look and feel of a room. You know I love big transformations but my focus has been on getting things organized and functional.

If you you’re been around here for awhile you know once I figure out the way I like accessories, they stay that way for a long time. I’ve already moved stuff around quite a bit though, and I expect that to continue as I get a better feel for how I want rooms to look.

Here’s a before of our dining area, the room I’m now calling our “morning room” because it just sounds lovely (and that’s the best time in this room anyway):

Pretty dining area with wood and white furniture

I found a long, pretty wood tray at At Home and layered items on it. The table centerpiece is something I’m ALWAYS messing with — but I really like this! I have a big candle, herb plant, some votives and salt and pepper on the tray.

I found that mirror for the master bedroom but brought it in here and just fell in love! Now I want another one for the master. 😉 I’m on the lookout for art or something to fill the wall space on either side too.

Speaking of the master, if you missed that tour you can see it here. This is how this view looked the day we moved in:
Bedroom with bed between two windows

I remember being so thrilled I was able to find the box with our sheets! 🙂

Master bed between two windows

As I said in that tour post, I’m still looking for something over the bed. Nothing has hit me just yet.

Huge chalkboard DIY on wall

I will forever love chalkboards. I LOVE the placement of this one! I use it more than any board we’ve ever had. I love the size and that I can jot down stuff as I come in the door or leave.

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been asked many times what I’ll do with myself in a brand new house. Projects like that chalkboard are what make a house a home — little details that add fun and character!  Just like our old house, I’ll be adding and layering to give this house that same feel.

I added a light on this kitchen wall instead of the cabinet that was supposed to go here:

Jars with baking ingredients in kitchen
Open wood shelves in kitchen
I had our everyday dishes on there like I did in our old kitchen, but in that house the shelves were right in the middle of the kitchen. Here they’re further away from the dishwasher, so we figured it’s easier to keep dishes in the cabinet. Instead I put some of the items I use most often up there — a mixing bowl, serving bowls, recipe box, etc — along with some pretty stuff.
Affordable window treatments for tall windows

I love this view! I still plan to move that drape over a bit so it’s not crowding the table.

I feel like all I’ve done is hang things. Drapes, art, mirrors. Lights. But again — that’s the stuff that makes a BIG difference! Here’s the great room before we moved in:

White fireplace with gray tile surround

Here it is with the drapes, mirrors and furniture from the upstairs:

Symmetrical great room layout with two sofas
I’ve hung a few lights so far and I talked about a couple of them last week. If you missed the one over the tub, check out this post!:
Safely hanging a light over a tub

I hope to share more of our master bathroom in a week or two — I still don’t have the mirrors hung. I went back and forth on what I wanted to do, but now I think I’ve got it figured out. 🙂

Here’s a before picture of the little hallway off our kitchen:

Five paneled interior doors
Hanging a light from recessed light
I finally got the light for our son’s room up too. (There’s a link to it here.) It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, but I like it and it was easy to hang:
Red blue and white boy room

We have BIG plans for his room. That wall around his bed is going to be a really cool focal point when I’m done with it, and we’ll have a tad more storage as well.

I’ve also installed five dimmers so far — I was on a roll one day a couple weeks ago. I shared how to add a dimmer in this post — that soft light is SUCH a lovely addition. I have plans to add at least five more…you know me!

I’ve hung a TON of art too. I found this at HomeGoods a few weeks ago and like that it’s plenty big. I also like that it’s a circle — with all those straight lines this wall needed it:

White and stained stairs with balusters

I’d like a little more contrast though, so I’m thinking about giving it a wash of darker color. We’ll see! I envision prom pictures on these stairs someday!

I didn’t have mirrors installed in our bathrooms to save a little cash, so I hung these in our son’s bath:

Masculine boy bathroom
I wanted something very simple and modern — they were super easy to hang and (affiliate) only $20 each! I have plans for that wall behind the mirrors as well…eventually.
Gallery wall around TV

And I’ve started our new Disney art wall in this house…we’ve got room for a lot more! I have plenty of art and photos to add, we just need to get more frames at IKEA:

Disney art wall

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing a whole lot, but it’s because I’ve been busy with a ton of little things. It’s different for me and honestly kind of nice. Starting from scratch is no joke! There are SO many tasks that pull you in different directions after moving and I’m often flitting from one to another. I’m feeling really good about where we’re at though, so the bigger stuff will start soon!

I’m going to share a source list for everything in the near future, but you should be able to find links to the products in the posts I reference for each space. If not, let me know in the comments. 🙂

Do you have a favorite “little thing” that you do as far as decor or DIY goes? I think mine would be lighting — I HATE hanging lights but I always love the outcome! And even just adding a dimmer always makes me so happy — it makes the house so pretty at night.

Affiliate links included for your convenience!


Ten beautiful printable works of art! from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hey there everybody! I can feel it coming…only about three more weeks till spring!! I don’t even mind the winter — I quite like the cozy days and nights the cold weather brings. But after the crazy back/health issues I had over the winter, I’ve never been so ready for fresh, spring weather and all of the beauty it brings!

It truly feels like a new beginning for me this year and I can’t wait! Our weather has been pretty mild for the past week so I’ve had the windows open quite a bit — just the fresh air affects my mood for the better.

As I do a few times a year, I’ve gathered ten beautiful printables from some talented bloggers and this time they are spring-themed. I think you will love them! I talk about printables a lot because they are SUCH an easy and inexpensive way to add some seasonal decor to your home. They make great little accents or you can create an entire gallery wall with them. All you pay for is the paper and printer ink. 😉

Here we go! I link to each one under the photo — make sure to visit each site for the high resolution images to download. This one is a favorite — I just adore this sweet print Julie created:

Lauren shows you how to create a wall of art for next to nothing with her spring prints — of course you do need the frames. But otherwise it’s an inexpensive project!:

I LOVE these herb prints from Kati — these would totally work all year in the kitchen. I’m trying to figure out where I can add these in ours:

I love the bright pink in this sweet print Rachel created:

I really like the simplicity of the fern leaf print that Monica created too. If your taste leans more modern this is perfect!:

Goodness, this one from Katie is another favorite — just so pretty and lovely. Great for a pop of pink in a room:

This one is the cutest!! Jenny suggests this one as a computer screen saver too. Precious!:

Now this one from Susan is awesome — if you’re going to spring clean your house, at least you can cross off a beautiful list! I already printed mine out:

Alicia’s dainty printable is another lovely option:

And last but not least, the Lolly girls created this beautiful water color option as well:

A simple search for free spring printables will give you hundreds of additional options! These would be lovely here and there through the house or layered leaning against the wall on display.

I will continue to sing the praises of the printable and we’re lucky to have so many talented bloggers sharing these with us for free!

Have I convinced you to use these around the house yet? 😉

An easy and custom DIY headboard (I did it again!) from Thrifty Decor Chick

Well hello! It’s about time for some DIY up in here! I’m in the mood to start tackling the bigger projects in this house and this was a good start!

I told you then I have big plans in here — especially on this wall. The first thing I wanted to get finished was his headboard, for comfort reasons and just because it’s one of the easier projects. 😉 He had one in the old house but the fabric was bleached from the sun. We knew we were getting him a bigger bed too.

I’ve been making my own headboards before this blog was a twinkle in my eye…this is a totally doable project, even for the novice DIYer. I promise! I shared a very detailed tutorial years back complete with a list of the items you’ll need — be sure to check out that tufted DIY headboard post here. I will go through the basics in this post but that one is more detailed.

I spent $20 on a piece of 4×8 wood at the hardware store, and then had it cut down to the size I needed for the headboard (they will do it there). I can use the remaining pieces for future projects (already have one in mind). I had this cut to 32 by 60 inches:

How to make a custom headboard

This stuff is pretty thin — I usually go with something thicker, but I realized there’s really no need. This was even easier to work with too.

Foam from the craft store is NOT cheap. However the egg crate toppers you get for the bed aren’t too bad for smaller sizes, so I always use them for this project!:

Affordable foam for headboard project
I ordered from Amazon because I didn’t feel like going to the store again. 😉 This is what I used and I was VERY happy with it. Leave it out for a good hour or two to fill up and get it’s shape. I spent $20 on this but have some extra I can use for a bench. (Side note — it feels like the stuff they use for the squishy toys. You know the stress ball things? I may have to DIY a few with my scraps!)

Lay your board on top and then cut out the size you need:

Headboard tutorial -- easy DIY project!

I doubled up on our king headboard to make it extra cushy, but I was using really inexpensive foam (you can find these for cheap at back to school sales — they go on clearance after college starts). This one was plenty soft as is.

Quick tip:  If you do choose to go with thicker foam from the craft store, you can cut it like buttah with an electric carving knife. 😉

I had some scrap muslin for this part, but any cheap fabric will do. Don’t spend a lot here. You’ll start wrapping your board (with the foam on the other side — bumpy side facing the board):

How to make your own custom headboard
I used a staple gun I’ve had for years. I actually bought plug in version years ago but this works WAY better in my opinion. You gotta put some muscle into it but it’s cheap and I’ve used it countless times.

I forgot to share this part, but I happened to find some extra batting I had as well, so I ended up using that over this muslin. Batting is just another layer to make it softer and it also softens the edges a bit too. (More of a concern for your fabric if you use something thin that may break through at the corners eventually.) I cut down the corners on this wood ever-so-slightly so they weren’t super pointy. But it’s not necessary.

The corners can be tricky sometimes, but you start by pulling the fabric back in the middle, secure with the staple, then pull one side over and secure, then the other:

How to cover corners on headboard

Cut away any excess fabric after you add a staple. I don’t recommend cutting away before you start a corner, just in case you cut it too short. Then you’re kinda screwed. 😉

I shared how to (very easily) cover buttons yourself in that original post as well. They just add a nice, inexpensive detail:

How to cover buttons yourself
The tufting part is easy too — the only difficulty comes in figuring out where you want your buttons. I go over that process as well!

I went with four buttons on this one because the top is the only area you can see when the bed’s made. Pick your battles folks! I added more to our master headboard but that one is bigger:

Custom navy tufted headboard

I just had a thought that I may add four more to the bottom so I can flip this eventually and prevent the sun damage on this deep color.

Hanging a headboard is easily the hardest part! I attached D-ring hanging hardware to the back — three across the back at the same distance from the top. Then I used a level to mark where the rings were to hang it:
Custom navy tufted headboard for boy's room

I purchased nailhead trim to use around it, but thought it looked great without! So that will go back. I have more plans for this wall so I may add a wood frame around it later:

DIY headboard with lights above bed

I love how tall it is! I went a bit bigger than I originally planned and love it. It will grow with our boy. 🙂

The red and white bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids but they don’t sell it anymore. I did find this star bedding option which is even cuter (love the stripe underneath) and for sure cheaper. Kind of love that one. They have it in blue too. (It’s on sale right now.) I can’t remember where I got the duvet cover but I think it was HomeGoods.
The sheets are from Target and are super soft and also on sale right now. They are a really fine navy stripe:
Bookcases around bed with lights

Can’t wait to tackle the other projects in here! This is a great start! I did the whole thing for less than $70 and it’s the exact size and fabric I wanted. (His bed is a queen size.) Plus I have extra wood, foam and fabric to use for other projects. I did look into some headboard options online but they were at least double the price and were all so thick! His bedroom isn’t huge so I didn’t want to take up even another five inches.

Here’s a reminder of how this space looked last week:

Bed between bookcases with lights

By the way, yes the lights are different heights. I still need to fix that!

And how it looks with a custom DIY tufted headboard! Be sure to check out that link for more detailed instructions if you want to tackle this one:
Custom DIY tufted headboard for boy room

You know what’s cool? That original post has been viewed more than three million times! Wow. And when I was looking into ordering the foam mattress topper I saw that someone used the same stuff to replicate our master headboard. (They added a pic and it looked GREAT!) That just tickles me to no end — how fun.

If you have any questions let me know! Again, make sure to check the tufted headboard tutorial for all the details.

Affiliate links included for your convenience! 


Using a lamp shade as a light fixture from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hello there! This is a quick lighting change that makes it easy to customize the lighting in a room. I’m sharing how I adapted a drum shade to create the look of a flush mount light in our bathroom too!

We have a recessed light above the tub in our bathroom, which is great. I always had plans to covert it using a light kit. Here’s a night time view before I started:

First I used the converter kit — it’s a simple change! You screw it into the recessed light like a light bulb, and then there’s a part that hangs down so you can hang a pendant fixture on it. (You buy those separately.) Here’s a look at the converter kit I used:
Screw in recessed light converter

I actually used this years and years ago over our kitchen sink. It works great and you can adjust the length of the cord easily.

I’m OBSESSED with some beautiful lamp shades at IKEA called Nymo — every single time we go in I drool over them. They’re the most beautiful colors and have such pretty detail. They have a really large size that I fell in love with for our master bathroom.

I ended up getting a large black one for that room, and hung it using the converter kit. It was plenty high, but I did some checking on electrical code and found out it was going to hang a little low for the measurements required above a tub.

We couldn’t touch it (you want to make sure you can’t reach for it if you’re falling) but I was still wanting it to be higher just in case. So I thunk and I thunk about how I could still use the fixture without that being an issue. And I came up with a plan!

I used (affiliate) my pipe cutters (I use them more than you’d think — they’re great for cutting down drapery rods!) to cut off the round part in the middle off of the shade frame:
Pipe cutter tool

Yes, that is a cat butt you see.

He’s always with me:

Converting lamp shade to flush mount

I was able to remove the center part:

Change lamp shade to flush mount light

I had a plan to use cup hooks in the ceiling to hang the shade but couldn’t get my ladder under the shade just right to reach. So I traced the shade on some paper, then marked where the cup hooks needed to be:

Hanging IKEA Nymo shade

I used painters tape to tape it to the ceiling (centered on the recessed light) and then marked where my cup hooks needed to go. I took it down and added my hooks where I marked.

I was able to hang the shade directly from the ceiling so it looks like a flush mount:

Large black lamp shade as flush mount

This way I’m using the recessed light and just hanging the shade around it, so no worries at all! I cut the wire mount out of the middle because I didn’t want it in the way of the light bulb.

I LOVE IT! Gah, aren’t these shades so pretty?:

Large black drum shade flush mount

I ended up cutting the metal down a bit more because you could see them sticking out from underneath (although we’re the only ones who will see that part):

Convert drum shade into flush mount fixture

It gives us the look of a flush mount light without it hanging down over the tub. It’s SO pretty at night especially!:

Black drum shade over tub

That gold inside just makes it!

Nymo Ikea lamp shades as hanging fixture

Goodness I just love these! Somebody please stop me from adding them all over my house. The price is great for the detail and size. So pretty!

If you have a recessed light that is centered nicely in a spot, these are a great option to add a little detail and customization to your house too!

Have any of you used these kits? Of course you can use anything as the pendant — shades, baskets — so many fun options!

How to create a functional (AND pretty) pantry! from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hey there! I’m back with another tour of sorts…this one is probably my favorite “room” in the house. When I realized how big our pantry was I’m pretty sure I squealed out loud and did a fist pump or two. Our old pantry wasn’t the smallest I’ve seen for sure…but it was a small closet size and I had to get creative to make the most of that space. (See the end of the post for more on that.)

This room has been quite the disaster since we moved in more than four months ago. I literally threw food and stuff on the shelves when I unpacked and said see you later. Since then we’ve just put stuff wherever it fits. Finding that one item we were looking for was always fun. It was a MESS:

There was absolutely no rhyme or reason to any of the shelves — I quite literally just filled them up and knew I would deal with it at some point.

Around the corner it got even better!:

How to organize a messy pantry

I was so excited to be able to add an outlet in here — I planned to keep small appliances in the pantry instead of on the kitchen counters.

Well when decided on placement of the outlet, I didn’t think to ask how the shelves were going to be hung. So the outlet isn’t on a wall where we have shelves. Wahhh wahh. I’ve figured out a solution to that (crossing my fingers it works) and plan to tackle that project soon!

We’re the non-coffee drinking family that has a Keurig…love it for quick hot water (it’s always the perfect temp!) and cider, hot chocolate, etc. I had it on a small rolling cart:

Organizing a messy pantry

This room was such a mess, whenever I showed this side of the kitchen the light was always off:

White kitchen with wood and gray island

But now I’m happy to show it off!!:

White kitchen with gray island

This took FOREVER to organize. Well, at least most of a day. There’s a TON of stuff in there! But when I have the time I find this kind of project cathartic and dare I say, even a little fun. I’m weird.

Before I started organizing anything I did a couple quick projects a few weeks ago — I installed a dimmer in here and also replaced the incandescent bulbs with daylight bulbs. I prefer daylight bulbs in rooms with no natural light:
Boxwood wreath on door

Goodness it is SO much brighter in here! And the dimmer makes it so we can keep the light low for the animals in the evening.

Of course I had to repeat my boxwood wreath on the pantry door like our old house! I really wanted to take advantage of the wall space in here so I hung my apron with a cute hook from IKEA and we use that wire piece for fresh produce:

Using the wall space in a walk in pantry

I used it in our powder room in the old house and almost got rid of it because I didn’t have a spot for it here. I’m so glad I thought to hang it because it’s GREAT for a pantry! It lets the air flow and gives us easy access to things like oranges, avocados, potatoes and bananas.

I’ll go through each set of shelves with you all cause I really thought about how we use this room. This space needed to have a higher focus of function over form…but I did think about the view most visitors would get (this door is open most of the time) as they walked by. So I did want this first row of shelves to be slightly appealing:

How to create a pretty and organized pantry

By that I mean anything that we keep in containers went over here like pasta and that jazz. I guess I should warn you — this is NOT one of those gorgeous pantries that you’ll drool over and then go — “But WHERE is the food?” Ha!! I love those as much as the next person, but I’ve really gotten away from keeping so much in containers. For some items I love it — for others I just don’t find it to be helpful.

And by the way — I figured out where to put those cute herb/kitchen printables I showed you last weekend. I’m going to find some frames and hang them above this line of shelves!

Now organizer kind of gadgets…I’m totally into those. 😉 On this side this is how I organized:

  • I put anything pasta-related at the top — I like pasta in containers just because they’re easier to organize than the bags.
  • Most canned items (for dinners primarily) and boxed meals are here for easy access.
  • Our animal food goes into containers because we just find it easier to scoop from these instead of pour. And our dog only gets a measured amount each feeding. These keep the food nice and fresh too — more so than bags I think.
  • I went through our kitchen towels (did you see that pile of them on top of the shelves in that pic up there??? I would literally wash them and throw them up there!) and only kept the ones I loved. Most of what I had up there were seasonal anyway. Towels and washcloths are now in the basket for easy access. My cookbooks are there too. I used a magazine holder to keep smaller books organized:
Tips for a pretty and functional pantry

The next row of shelves is where the bulk of the food is. Again, I wanted the stuff we reach for most to be closer to the door.

  • Spices and cooking oils are layered on top with tiered organizers like the canned goods. These are life savers!! They make it so much easier to see what you have on deeper shelves.
  • Breakfast stuff is on it’s own shelf. I keep packets of hot cereal in a basket so we know when we’re running low.
  • Baking necessities and sweets are on the next shelf. I tried to keep the foods we reach for the most often on eye level. I don’t bake that often so those are best a little lower.
  • The bottom baskets hold snacks — bags of chips and crackers. I only added baskets to the bottom shelves because when we pull them out it’s easy to see what’s inside. (Up higher and you have to pull them all the way out to sort around):
Using baskets and containers in the pantry

As we move around we get to less food and more appliances and paper goods. This corner spot is nice and deep and holds a TON, but it’s also harder to get to. In hindsight I would have asked for the corner to be squared off so these aren’t so deep. But I’m not complaining!

  • Our small appliances that I use IN the kitchen are on the top shelf — meaning those that I take out and use on the counter. This will make more sense in a minute.
  • Next shelf is alcohol — I know it looks like a store. We used to keep most alcohol in our basement, which was nice, but we would buy more of what we already had because…out of sight, out of mind. We keep extra lime juice and mixes here too.
  • The next shelf is stuff we grab for lunches — peanut butter, crackers, bread. In the bin I have the small lunch-sized stuff like chips. It makes it super easy to pack our boy’s lunch in the morning!
  • The bottom is the random stuff — there are always items you don’t know what to do with! The bag holder could go on the wall but it felt in the way anywhere else. The little fabric basket holds our trash bags. Plus extra foil and storage bags are here too:
Tips for organizing the pantry

And finally, the side I’m most excited about! I moved the shelves around here a bit to make this work.

  • Tea and hot chocolate are at the top
  • The second shelf is where I keep our K-cups (isn’t that organizer so cute!) and our vitamins
  • The third shelf is for appliances we use in the pantry — and I have a project in mind to make this even more functional! I’ll let you know if it works out! You can see that the outlet is on the wall to the right.
  • The bottom shelf is for extra paper/plastic stuff and our trash compactor bags:
Storing appliances in pantry

Here’s a closer look at that cute organizer for the K-cups! I found it in the check out lane at HomeGoods and thought it would work great. It is perfect!:

Cute organizer for K-cups

When we got the Keurig I realized it was much easier to keep our mugs in the pantry. I got this cute mug holder about a month ago and love that we can grab what we need right there:

Wire mug rack from Amazon

This room is the smartest and most functional in the house and I LOVE it! I love it even more now that we can find exactly what we need when we walk in. And it’s so much nicer when we’re putting stuff away too. I should’ve done this a long time ago!

I found the Groceries sign at an antique shop a few weeks ago (but it’s not an antique) — isn’t it perfect? I love touches of green in our mostly white kitchen:

white kitchen with wood accents

There you go! This space is finally organized and working well for us! During the process I was a deer in headlights at times — I would just stand in there and stare at the mess. But if you slow it down and really think about how you USE a space, it’s easier to work it out in your head.

And it found it helpful to remove EVERYTHING off the shelves — every counter in our kitchen was covered! Then I went by section and added everything back in. I gave the shelves a good cleaning too.

I would move all over again just for this pantry. 🙂 It’s amazing — I love that we can keep more than just food in here. I did get rid of a few things and moved just a couple items to the basement. But overall what you see in the befores is what is in there now! We also keep the dog and cat food in this room (on the floor).

Here’s a resource list if you’re interested in anything. We had everything but the mug rack and K-cup storage and I made the rest work in here. (Affiliate links included for your convenience!):

  • I can’t find my sign online but this one is super cute and has the same wording!
  • I got the mug rack here — most versions with good reviews in this design were SO expensive! This one still wasn’t cheap but better than others (read reviews because some have hooks that are too close together and getting mugs on and off is difficult).
  • The baskets were from Target (I used them in our basement cubby storage) and they don’t sell these exact ones anymore. These are SUPER close though — same size and materials.
  • These are the tiered can/spice shelves — LOVE them and they make organizing these items so easy.
  • This round spice caddy is a favorite too — it turns so you can find what you need.
  • You can see more about our timed cat feeders in this post!
  • I got my hanging wire shelves from HomeGoods but this one is very similar as well.
  • The wood and metal rolling cart we had in there was from World Market.
  • If you’d like to see more about how I organized our old pantry, check out this post!
  • For more on the glass door I used on that pantry, you can go here:
Black pantry door with glass


A different kind of gallery wall from Thrifty Decor Chick

Hey all! I’m chugging away at projects around here and amping up for some big ones too. I’m trying to get our basement storage room under control before I start the big stuff though. I have this thing about messes and DIY — it’s hard to focus on a new project when I know there’s a mess waiting for me.

Soooo…I’ve been busy getting organized down there because we have a bunch of decor/craft items I have to store for now. Until I build built ins in (my office will be first), I just have to deal with having so much down there. I get excited when I find a spot for something that we have stored in that room, and that’s where this story began!

We have this large wall down to our basement that I wanted to do some kind of gallery wall on:

When I was organizing the basement I found these “floating” frames I used on our old upper staircase:

Removing carpet off of stairs

I’ve gathered them from Michael’s over the years — I think I had 12? I call them floating because the photo or art sits between two pieces of glass so you can see the wall color behind it. It makes it look like the mat is the same color as the wall.

I was planning to hang them on this wall in just a hodge podge like I used to do gallery walls — I just hang them here and there until I like the way they look. But as I was sitting on the floor cleaning them, I got an idea.

I recreated it for you because I didn’t take a pic when I first thought of it:

Planning a gallery wall

You can get the idea maybe? I didn’t do the best recreating this shot.  I had different sizes right up against each other in random design, by accident. What I really like about it was that they were touching and not spread apart.

It gave me an idea, so I started in the middle with this random printable I made years ago:

While we try to teach our children quote

It’s the only large square frame I have so I figured it would be best in the middle.

I didn’t really take pics of the process because I wasn’t sure till about half way through that it was going to work. But I started going down first — and just kind of put the frames next to each other in a way that I thought looked good. I wanted them to touch but also wanted the whole thing to have some movement and not feel to rigid.

I was only a few in when I knew I’d need some more frames. I ran to Michael’s hoping they still carried these frames and they did…and on sale. Awesome! I grabbed a couple more of a two sizes and threw in some small square ones as well.

This is where I tell you I’m not the girl that plans out a gallery wall. I know some people cut out paper in the same size as the frames and then tape them up to figure out a design that works. That’s BRILLIANT. I am not that patient. 😉 I would much rather fill a few (OK, more like ten) extra tiny nail holes after the fact.

I was SO thrilled with how it looked as I went down the stairs, I did some counting and realized I had the exact number I needed to repeat the same design going up. I mean, that never happens. NEVER. happens. 😉

Here’s a peek of the wall going up now:

Gallery wall up stairs

The only bummer is I went to copy new pics on the printer to make them black and white (to match the others) and our printer was out of black ink.

But you know…I don’t hate the color photos mixed in! I may keep it this way:

Gallery wall with frames touching

If you really look you can see that the design going up is the same going down, just the opposite direction. (What was on bottom going down is on the top going up. Or something like that. I’m confused.)

At the end I did have to stand there and stare at it a for a few minutes to figure out what I was doing — ha! It gets a little confusing when there’s no real pattern to the frames:

Gallery wall with design going down the stairs

I’m not as big into gallery walls as I once was — I used to put them all over our house! I still love them but am finding I like them a little more structured than in the past.

I think this way of doing one feels crisp and keeps it from feeling too crazy busy. I mean, there are 17 frames on this wall, in five different sizes! And yet this design is soothing to me:

Gallery wall on staircase

(Do you see my buddy on the stairs?) We just LOVE this!! I’m so thrilled with out it came out — and it was a complete accident. 😉 I really like that the frames touch.

Back in the day when I was a big gallery wall fan, I’d also use a variety of frames (so easy to find second hand!) in different colors. I still love that look, but for our home I now prefer using the same frame.

I mean…the mix of color and black and white is enough for me. 😉

Gallery wall with frames touching

Next up, a big project on that landing wall! Can’t wait!:

Gallery wall with movement down the wall

Do you have gallery walls in your home? Do you prefer a more streamlined look like me or a more organic look with different colors and frames? I think this is a nice mix of the two!

I almost forgot! Here’s a link to the frames I used — they have a ton of different sizes online. They had four or five in the store. Michael’s always seems to have their frames on sale which is nice. Especially when you’re trying to finish a project so you can blog about it and you need to run and grab more. 😉
Gallery wall around television

How to prevent rattan baskets from destroying surfaces from Thrifty Decor Chick

Well hello there! How’s your week going? Thanks so much for the kind comments on the new gallery wall! I’m back with a quick post about an issue I get asked about a lot. It’s a big one people…it plaques many of us around the country. Here we go…

HOW do your baskets not tear up your built ins and shelves?

See? Deep. Don’t say I never delve into the real issues here.

I have been asked that question a lot over the years. Nearly every time I share a project with rattan baskets in it I’ll get emails and comments about how I keep them from destroying surfaces.

These were painted wood and after a very short time the baskets were scratching the paint and even messing up the wood trim a bit. We used these bins a lot and the constant scraping started to take it’s toll.

So I figured out a way to make them more functional for very little. I used brown felt:

Easy fix to prevent baskets from scratching

I did this project years ago and took pics at the time, but they’re long gone. 🙂 It’s pretty easy though — just put the basket on top of the felt and either trace around it (chalk works well) or cut around. Be sure to cut just a bit smaller than your lines.

Then you just use hot glue and secure it to the bottom of the basket:

Easy fix to protect surfaces from rattan baskets

I did it around all the edges and then a little dab in the middle if I remember correctly.

They’ve held up GREAT for all these years. Not one has even budged, and we used these baskets a TON.

Organized pantry with baskets

These shelves are melamine but even those start to get torn up by rattan baskets after awhile. The felt completely protects the surface and allows to them slide super easy. Like buttah.

These are the little fixes that I always find helpful so I like to share even the simple, quick projects with you! The felt will cost you a few bucks and a hot glue gun and glue will come in under $5 if you don’t have one. Worth it to protect your surfaces!

So there you go — one of life’s biggest questions answered. Have any of you tried this? Any other ideas that work in your home?


My first big DIY projects in the new house from Thrifty Decor Chick

Well hello! How was your weekend? We went away for a mini family vacation to one of our favorite places on Earth — New York City. As always, we only stay for a few days but we pack in a TON! I’ve shared our love of the citymany times over the years and shared tips on what to see and do on a quick trip to NYC. Be sure to check it out if you are looking to travel there!

We’re back and settled and I’m finally going to bite the bullet and buy a new saw this week. It disappeared in our move and I’m feeling frozen without it. I have so much I want to do in the house and I gotta have one to get moving! All these ideas are swimming around in my head — I wanted to share a few with you.

Before we even had drywall in this house I knew what I wanted to do with this fireplace wall in our family room:

We LOVE love love the tall ceilings in this room.

I’ve shared this photo with you before because it was our inspiration for our old house. We looked into adding on to that house years and years ago, and this picture was my dream for the family room:
Tall fireplace wall with gray paint
Well idea that was squashed quickly — the quotes for a project of that scale were way too much. So we did the next best thing (for WAY less) and knocked down a wall instead.

But when we walked into this house…I knew I could recreate the look, at least a bit. Obviously our current ceilings aren’t as ornate as those in the photo, but we do have the fireplace! I’ve always known I wanted to add a dark paint to the fireplace wall, now I just need to figure out the color. And the wall treatment! That’s the part I’m most excited about. I want to do something with molding but haven’t decided on the exact look just yet. It’s almost there in my head…

That wall is calling out for something to add some contrast to the room!

And remember when I said I wasn’t going to add built ins next to the fireplace? And remember when I said don’t quote me on that cause I may change my mind? Well…my mind may be changing. 😉 I’m starting to get an idea in my head of how I want this to look and I think simple built ins would be lovely. We’ll see what I decide! I know my ideas will change because I have to live in a space a long time before I know exactly what I want to do.

One project I want to start sooner than later is our powder room:

Small powder room with gray vanity

Funny, because our powder room was the first room I redid in the old house nearly 14 years ago too. It was my first project with power tools and let’s just say I’m a little bit more knowledgeable now. 😉

I want some contrast in here too (can you tell I love it?) so I plan to add a simple board and batten look to the bottom two thirds like I did in our old family room:
Tall white board and batten

And then I’ve been playing around with wallpaper on top. I saw this gold flecked peel and stick wallpaper at Target last week and fell in LOVE!:

Gold speckled peel and stick wallpaper
Gah, I just think it’s awesome. (Here’s is an affiliate link for that version.) I just don’t think it’s enough contrast for me in this room. Instead I’d really love to add this to my master closet someday.
Blue and gold linen-like wallpaper
It’s a navy blue (you know I love that) with gold in it. The room has brass accents so I think it’s going to be really beautiful. The reviews on this peel and stick stuff are great online — have any of you tried it? I’m really excited to try this out!
A project I hope to finish up in the next few of weeks is the stairway wall. You may remember this inexpensive wood wall I did in the old house:
Inexpensive wood wall in stairway

We loved it so much I’m going to do it again, just with some tweaks.

The landing to our basement in this house is quite a bit bigger, so it will make even more of an impact!:

Landing wall in stairway

Those frames have been sitting there since we moved in! I’ve had them for years (from IKEA) and every time I went to get rid of them (we didn’t have room for them in the old house) I decided against it. I’m glad I did! They’re going to look SO good on that wall when I’m done. I may have to do something fun with the light fixture as well.

I’ve also been playing around with molding ideas for the long wall in our foyer:

Long foyer with dresser and round mirror

Right now I’m planning on going with a floor to ceiling idea like this one:

Floor to ceiling trim squares/wainscoting on wall
I’ve always loved the full wall look and am excited to add it to this house. (It’s just a larger version of this wainscoting I’ve done in the past.) I think that wall will be perfect for it — I just have to decide on a color. I’m thinking white but may go crazy and pick a dark color. 🙂 Our foyer gets a lot of light so I can go darker in there if I want. We’ll see what I decide!

By the way, if you know a source for that photo let me know! I’ve had it saved for awhile.

Now I’m off to find a new saw! I’m ready to dive into this projects. Let me know if you’ve tried that peel and stick wallpaper and if you have any tips! It’s been so fun to dream up these projects for our new home!