Do Not Let Yourself Go Camping Without Your Axe

You wouldn’t like to be stuck in a situation where you don’t have the proper equipment. No matter if you are digging, cutting, or trimming, the new generation of best camp-ax will do the task for you.

Pick an axe that makes you and your group feel safe during your camping experience. While you are on the trail, making a camp-fire or solving unforeseen problems, the proper equipment will help ease of your adventure. Active Junky tested a few axes on the market and determined which are the best camp axes for your needs. Below you will see the list with a few details of each axe to help you choose the best one for you. Don’t forget to sign up for Active Junky to see their exclusive deals and cash back on all their gear.

How to Choose the Best Camp Axe for You:

Firstly, look at the options based on your personal needs. Active Junky recommends taking in consideration the type of tasks that you will encounter in your home or cabin.

Preparation for Campsite:

Agility is an import aspect for your axe, rather than just thinking of it’s cutting power. An axe that is lighter, shorter, and sharper will be the best camp axe to use. You need the equipment that will snag less in bushes, doesn’t impede movement, and can be used in other ways rather than just with the blade.

Campsite Construction:

A controlled and accurate maneuver is important to help drive the tent stakes with a precise impact from your axe. This is also important so you don’t damage wood, plastic, aluminum or alloy stakes. Also, when constructing a shelter, cutting and trimming wood will be part of the process, make sure to find the best camp axe to ease off these demanding tasks.

Create a Campfire:

Preparation for a campfire can include shaving tinder, chopping limbs and splitting dried or hard wood. Penetration is important to make sure you get a proper pile of wood.

Traveling in the Backcountry:

Carrying a few extra pounds of axe weight is vital to insure you have the equipment necessary incase of any troubles. Your best camp axe can help you build splints or crutches, as well as aid during a storm or natural disaster. Always be prepared for a variety of scenarios. Size and weight is to be considered when transporting your best camp axe.

Home and Cabin Utility:

During tasks at home or at a cabin, your axe will come in handy. Since most axes feature a shorter handle, they are not the safest choice for powerful swings against large lumber, metal bolts or concrete. Shorter handles are usually for single-handed uses which can limit control of the axe head.


Best Camp Axe Attributes

Five Attributes were evaluated, and one Key Attribute was selected for each axe.

Size: The weight and dimensions are a priority

Durability: Long term use with short-term wear

Agility: Proper balance and easy single-handed maneuvers

Utility: Usage in a variety of tasks

Penetration: Cut with accuracy and productivity


Starting at $139.95

Best “Quiver of One” Camp Axe:

The Klax Axe has a fold-flat tool protected by a ballistic nylon wallet, it has a 14.4oz stainless steel blade, and you can purchase de 15” hardwood handle or create your own.

Pros: Secure attachment to the handle and a stay-sharp edge on all tools.

Cons: Practice is necessary to handle tool properly.

Key Attribute: Utility

Best For: Backcountry, adventure travel, or an ultimate gift.


Starting at $177.60

Best “Cutting” Camp Axe:

This Outdoor Axe assures you a confident straight-swing, with usage on larger limbs that cuts deeper than 1lb. It has a chainsaw-like penetration that cuts into pine and hardwoods, as well as a more delicate task like shaping and shaving.

Pros: Proficient control, and good looks.

Cons: Precision is needed to make use of it with it’s short blade length.

Key Attribute: Agility

Best For: Climbing andCamping.


$48.00 – $63.00

Best “First Camp” Axe:

It is a 14” model that works for tough limbing and splitting chores with it’s smooth 2.6” steel head. The Gerber axe weighting at 24oz helps your swinging power along with close-in control grip.

Pro: Great value, lifetime warranty.

Cons: Shorter blade length.

Key Attribute: Penetration

Best For: Cabin and camp use, some digging or paddling expeditions.

Other Best Camp Axe Brands:

  • CRKT
  • Estwing
  • Ontario Knife Company
  • Wetterlings
  • Outdoor Edge

Qualities that the Best Camping Lanterns Must Have

Mankind is always seeking to conquer its environment by traveling to strange places like in the wilderness and not getting attacked by big and scary animals that live there. To achieve this, they need light. Although they have fire, it is just hot light that cannot be carried around. It is for this reason that they require to carry their own light into the darkness. To do that, they arm themselves with camping lanterns, headlamps and flashlights. Although many campers tend to dismiss the camping lanterns as bulky and inefficient; improvements have been made and today’s camping lanterns have battery tech and LED technology. These lanterns are flameless and can last for several days on a single charge because they have become more viable and are designed to light up campsites for long duration. This article focuses on highlighting some of the best camping lanterns that people can consider when hanging out at campground or cottages away from the modern conveniences. Examples of the best camping lanterns are Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lanterns, Goal Zero Lighthouse 400 Lantern with USB port that can charge your cellphone, The Dorcy 41-1017, NEBO Tools 5959 Eco Lantern and the Steamlight 44931 Siege Lantern.

Several factors have to be considered when choosing the perfect camping lanterns. These include the type of power source, amount of light emitted, the hours of operation, weight of lantern, adjustability of the light and any additional features.

Type of Power Source

Outdoor camping lanterns come in solar-powered, electric charged and battery charged among other types. Campers can choose from the variety available in the market and settle on the one that suits them best. It is not advisable to choose gas lanterns because they are not safe around children and cannot operate in stormy weather.

Amount of Light Emitted The rumen rating indicated on the camping lantern label will tell you the area that it can illuminate. Therefore if you are staying in a large campground, you may consider going for a camping light with a higher lumen rating and vice versa. The lumen ratings in camping lanterns often run between 200s and 300s but some run up to 1000 lumens.

Hours of Operation This is the most important consideration for campers; especially those that go on long vacations and camping to places with no access to stores where they can purchase batteries or charge their camping lanterns. The hours a lantern can provide light vary depending on the make and brand but it is mostly from 2.5 hours to 295 hours. Battery-powered camping lanterns operate for the longest time followed by solar-powered and electric-powered ones.

Weight of Lantern

Weight is crucial when packing for camping. No one wants to carry bulky loads especially if it is just a source of light. Camping lantern manufactures have taken this into consideration and therefore these lanterns weight around 1 to 3 pounds. However, battery-powered lanterns may weight more because of the weight of the batteries.The Dorcy 41-1017 is a perfect choice since it has a very small design that fits easily into any backpack without taking up a lot of space.

Adjustability of the Light The ability to adjust the amount of light emitted by the camping lantern is another important consideration because you can save energy by setting it to low light. Most camping lanterns come with a setting for high, medium and low light output. A good example is the Coleman 1000 Lumen CPX 6 Lantern which comes with these three settings. These can be set according to the preferences of the users.

Any Additional Features

These include any added options to make your camping experience a comfortable and successful one. The best camping lanterns have an MP3 player to keep your entertained, a USB Port to charge your cellphone, yellow light to attract insects, SOS option for emergency services, remote control option and red light for night vision. The Goal Zero is known for its USB charging capability that can charge all kinds of phones and still run the lantern.

In conclusion, the best camping lanterns are available in different designs and power sources. Therefore no matter which camping lantern people decide to carry to their next camp, it is important that they consider the above features so that they are guaranteed of safe and well-lit nights.

Debt Settlement Companies that You Should Consider

People get debts such as a credit card debt, a personal loan or a medical debt among others. However, when experiencing difficulty in paying the debt and are looking into the viable options that you have, one needs to educate themselves about debt settlement services and what they entail. It is also essential that one gets to know more about some of the best debt settlement companies that are available.

To begin with, debt settlement involves getting into a program with a debt settlement company. The company then gets to engage with the creditor thereby trying to negotiate on behalf of the person who owes a debt. This is in an effort of having the creditor to forgive part of the debt. However, it should be noted that this option is only available to those who are experiencing financial difficulty and the loan involved in unsecured.

This program will direct that the client ceases to make payments to the creditors and instead open an account with the debt settlement company. Every month, you will deposit a given amount to that account. Depending on the amount owed, the settlement company will commence the negotiation process. If an agreement is arrived at, you will hand over the money from the account to the creditors. As one considers reaching out to the best debt settlement companies, it is important that you know that this program comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the best debt settlement companies that might be at your disposal include;

1. National Debt Relief

This debt settlement company has proved its value and thus been deemed as one of the best debt settlement companies. It is highly praised as it has helped people by reducing their debts by up to 49 %. In addition, their customer service is excellent because they have representatives who can promptly take clients through what the program is about.

Their website has been acknowledged as being very informative as it includes all the vital information that can help a potential client to make an informed decision. Also, clients who get into a program with this company are in a position to keep track of their progress through a dashboard. It is important to note that this company only operates in 41 states. However, its accreditation with the IAPDA and AFCC goes a long way towards proving that it deserves to be among the best debt settlement companies.

2. Freedom Debt Relief

This company features among the best debt settlement companies because of their fantastic customer services. Not only is it one of the biggest debt settlement companies but also it has been around for more than a decade. Given the nature of the relationship between these companies and a client, it is important for a client to identify a company which has excellent customer services. This is exactly what Freedom Debt Relief provides. A major benefit which associated with this company is the instantaneous responses to inquiries. The representatives who are involved also give accurate information as they undergo a three-month training before they start interacting with customers.

Additionally, those under this program are provided an interactive Client Dashboard from where they can learn about the progress that is being made as to the settlement of the debt. This company is also accredited with the Better Business Bureau and is operational in more than 30 states in the USA.

3. The New Era Debt Relief

This is definitely in the category of the best-known debt settlement companies as of now. A unique feature that it has is that a representative is attached to each client that the company has. This is in an effort to achieve a more personalized and efficient customer service system. The representative is charged with the responsibility of keeping the client in the loop with what is happening regarding their debt settlement.

Further, this company is well known for being transparent with their clients. They have a section which highlights the truth on issues such as the fees that will be charged and the amount of debt that is likely to be reduced among other important details. This transparency has contributed a great deal towards getting this company on the list of the best debt settlement companies.

As one considers this option, it is important to be aware of both the pros and the cons that come with it. To begin with, indeed this option does have its benefits. The biggest of which is that one stands a chance of having part of their debt reduced. Also, you can reduce the amount that goes towards paying the loan from what it currently is to an agreed amount with the best debt settlement companies.

However, the disadvantages include having to pay a fee to the debt settlement companies for the services that they have rendered. One should also be aware that by doing a debt settlement, it will have some negative effect on their credit score. This is because your debt will be declared as being delinquent when you stop making payments to the creditor.

A client’s credit score might lose points as a result. In addition, the IRS will consider the forgiven debt as income and thus subject it to taxation.

In conclusion, there are various companies which offer debt settlement services. However, those who are looking for quality services, are advised to hire the services of among the best debt settlement companies.

How to Choose the Best Type of Student Loan

Student loans exist to help financially needy students get through college. Sometimes grants and scholarships do not cover the whole tuition fee, or you fail to get them. The next option you have is to consider getting a student loan. Well, both the government and private banks offer loans, but the government has more friendly terms such as lower interest. Let us look at the best student loans to consider.

1. Government/federal loans

There is a variety of loans within the federal government. Apart from the loans offering lower, fixed interest, they give borrowers several repayment plans. Your credit history is not a requirement when applying for a federal loan.

The other advantage of getting a federal loan is that if you get employed in the public service sector, you may access loan forgiveness plans. Federal loans can also be subsidized making them more affordable for students. You will start making payments six months after graduating. If you have decided to borrow a federal student loan, it’s mandatory to fill up a FAFSA which is a ( Free Application for the Federal Student Aid) form online. From here, you will find loan options that suit your needs.

2. Private loans

When grants, scholarships, and federal loans are not meeting your financial needs at school, it is time to consider the private sector. Banks that offer best student loans understand the higher risk the loans pose. They lack collateral or assets. For this reason, their loans have high-interest rates.

One concern about private loans is they require a great credit score. Many students fail to achieve a good score forcing them to get a cosigner. Unlike federal loans that have fixed rates, private loans have variable rates. This depends on changes in the market.

While the government can offer forbearance and defer payments due to hardships, private banks do not provide such privileges. Even if they allow forbearance, it is up to them to decide whether to grant you forbearance or not. There is no guarantee that you will get it.

Therefore, only go for a private loan when a federal loan is not enough for you.

When do you need a cosigner for a private loan?

If you have a weak credit history, think about getting a cosigner. Such an arrangement may earn you lower rates on your loan. Remember to choose a loan with a fixed interest rate so that market fluctuations do not affect you. Through cosigning, you will be able to boost your credit.

Lenders release your cosigner when they believe you are going to pay them. They determine this after you have left school and have made several payments on time within one to four years. The other terms of release vary from lender to lender.

As a cosigner in a student loan, there is a risk. If the borrower does not make payments, you will be the one to cover them. Late repayments also affect your credit. Therefore, make sure you sit down with the borrower, know him or her and agree on terms of your cosigning relationship.

As you search for the best student loans online, you need to understand the following terms.

Loan limit

Both private and federal loans have a limited amount of money you can borrow. With a federal loan, your limit will be determined by whether you are a dependent or independent student. If you are in graduate or professional school, the amount of money to borrow will be higher for the obvious reason that tuition fee at these levels is higher. Whatever loan limit a lender offers, just borrow what you need.

Loan consolidation

Loan consolidation is applicable when you acquire several student loans. It eases payment and lowers rates. The best student loans bank should be able to consolidate a private and federal loan. Nonetheless, loan consolidation only works after completing school. Before deciding to consolidate, remember you will miss federal offers, for instance, lower interest rates, forbearance and loan forgiveness. The consolidating entity pays your loans then gives you new terms and rates.


You are given forbearance if you are facing financial hardship. The lender allows you to pay less than the full amount. However, interest keeps accruing and there are penalties if you do not pay within the forbearance period.

Help and support

The best student loans provider is available for customers. The lender should quickly attend to your concerns about your account and payment. Look out for support avenues such as chat services, phone, and email on lender websites.

Paying back loans

There are three ways for paying your lender. You can pay after graduating, pay interest while still in school or pay the principal amount plus the interest when in school.


Student loans are helpful. However, it is important to keep in mind the amount you need and select the best student loans to cover your tuition fees.

The Best Solar Phone Chargers of 2018 you need to know

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our day to day activities because they connect us to the rest of the world. However, a mobile phone with a chargeless battery becomes useless and everybody strives to charge it so that he/she can be reconnected to the world. Charging involves connecting a mobile phone with a charger to a power source so that it can charge the battery.

There are different types of chargers but the main types are either electrical or solar mobile phone chargers. Today let’s focus on the best phone chargers that are solar operated. One advantage of these chargers is that they are convenient that charging can be done anywhere provided there is the presence of sunlight.

Importance of solar phone chargers

For those who are adventurous and they like camping and hiking, having a charge on the cell phones is essential. Sometimes the charge may go down. But with a solar phone charger, somebody need not worry because he/she will be able to charge them whenever and wherever.

Also, solar panels existence has been dated back in time and the best thing about them is that they are designed in different shapes and sizes. So, for the best phone chargers, a portable and efficient one is essential. That is, somebody can carry it and it will help in recharging the phone in the shortest time possible.

The best phone solar charger is the RAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger. It has won the Top Ten Reviews Gold award. Also, in the second place was the Nekteck 20W Solar Charger that received the Silver Award. Lastly, the charger that took the third position was the Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite that received the Bronze award.

During the determination of the winners of these awards, we focused on two different types of solar phone chargers and came up with the reviews of the best solar phone chargers. The first test was on the solar panels chargers with USB charging ports. They lack built-in batteries but are so effective in conversion of solar energy into power.

Secondly, the review included those chargers that have batteries built in. These devices have a portable battery pack and are so effective that they are left in the sun for just some hours.

One advantage of the chargers with batteries is that they can store the energy during the day and somebody can use them at night in charging the cell phones. Contrary to that, their charging in the sun is not that efficient and they store less charge.

After testing several chargers, it was evident that they yielded much power in the sun. The reports we got from most people is that they use solar panels with high efficiency to charge their external batteries and then they use them to charge their phones at night.

Sometimes both devices are essential and it is advisable to determine which solar phone charger configuration that suits you before purchasing.

It is important to note that the best phone chargers are different from charging cables. Some people have charging cables in different places that they operate in and they are sometimes forced to stay in these places for long hours waiting for their phones to charge.

The best thing about these best phone chargers is that somebody can carry them to everywhere they want to go. They operate on eco-friendly energy.

There is need to comprehend how the best phone chargers operate. This is because this knowledge will assist in choosing the best solar phone charger. The basic working of a solar panel is that it converts light energy into electricity that either charge a battery built in or charges a device connected to it via a USB cable.

Discussion, explanation and the result of testing solar phone chargers

Solar panels are efficient when they are placed in direct sunlight with clear skies. First, the testing included those chargers with inbuilt batteries; the test was on how they performed with diffused light. The testing was performed on a clear day inside a windowed office. The second activity involved those that lacked batteries. They could not charge through the office windows and they were tested on direct sunlight on a clear day.

The solar panels tested were the first-generation solar technology panels that are made of crystalline silicon. The crystalline silicon is a crystal made in the lab and the best thing about it is its high conductivity properties. It is also used in the production of silicon chips.

For a photovoltaic cell, its high conductivity makes it have a high efficiency. If someone tests these panels the results will be that they have different efficiencies that range from 24 percent to 6 percent. The best phone chargers should have high efficiencies.

Factors to consider when selecting the best solar phone charger

1. Charging performance

Knowing which solar phone charger that suits somebody is so paramount. Somebody should consider using a solar panel with a built battery if he/she needs to charge the phone for 3-4 days and also want to ensure it’s always topped.

Consider the size, type, and its overall output. Different devices have different working. Some can be charged directly from the battery while others cannot. However, how they relate to the panels is different. An integrated circuitry it’s what that dictates on how you can charge.

Moreover, if somebody likes hiking for longer hours, he/she may want to keep his/her devices charged. In this case, there is need to have a solar panel that can handle that. The solar panels lack batteries and he/she should place them in the sun so that they can charge. The best phone chargers will help out.

2. Solar panel details

To make sure somebody has a good quality solar phone charger, efficiency is the factor to consider. Currently, most of the solar panels on the market today are the first-generation ones that are made of crystalline silicon. Their main advantage is their high conductivity even when there is low light intensity.

During the testing, the panels with built-in batteries produced at least a volt in unsuitable conditions. Some even exceeded the manufacturer’s output ratings when they were put under average conditions.

3. Physical characteristics

Someone who needs a solar-powered battery pack will want the one with a reasonable size and appearance. Most solar panels that were tested have two USB ports. However, the solar-powered battery pack has only one USB port.

Some have metal frames and other thick frames and others are even water resistant. In addition, the best phone chargers should be durable. 4. Help and support

Lastly, it is important for someone to know the manufacturer of these solar chargers and know the warranty given. Someone should know where to inquire if he/she needs to know about something. You can either do a direct or online inquiry.

Recommendations and our verdict

Our aim for the testing was to come up with the best phone chargers operated by solar. However, each charger is unique in its own way. Someone just needs to choose what suits him/her.

According to our results, here is our recommendation according to their performance:

1. RAVPower RP-PC008 16W Dual-Port Outdoors Charger- charges the fastest, high efficiency, long warrant.

2. The Nekteck 20W solar charger- the heaviest, a higher solar efficiency at 24 percent, second in charging speed, water resistant. It’s the best for camping and hiking.

3. Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite- the lightest, has nylon straps making it easier to attach to a backpack.

The Best Smartphone of all the Time

Every year numerous smartphones are launched in the market. The experts review them and select the “Best Smartphones of the year”.

The year 2017 saw some of the best players in the industry launch amazing phones and it was a race which had quite a few contenders.

Samsung Galaxy S8 launched in April 2017 had 4GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage and provided support up to 256 GB micro SD card. Samsung had really hit the nail on its head with an excellent premium quality phone. It had a futuristic design coupled with excellent performance. S8 was thin, weighed around 155 grams, yet felt tough. S8 was precision personified, beautiful looking beast of a phone.

Then came Apple and launched 3 phones in quick intervals, starting with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus in September 2017, followed by iPhone X in November. Let’s just say that Samsung’s dream of being the best smartphone for the year had been shattered. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus were pretty impressive in their own rights, but iPhone X was in a league of its own.

iPhone X in the market had some radical changes – like no home button, use of facial recognition for authentication and a funky, fun and engaging animagi feature. Also, all the iPhones had A11 bionic processor which made it perform excellently.

People had their doubts about iPhone X being more expensive than iPhone 8 and 8 plus, but it was totally worth every penny. It simply was a class apart and will remain as the best smartphone of the year 2017.

Also other smartphone which was one of the frontrunners was OnePlus 5T. 5T felt every bit of a premium smartphone but at a considerably lower price. The Snapdragon 835 processor of One plus 5t managed to beat Samsung in quite a few performance benchmarking tests as well. It had an excellent fingerprint scanner and a USB C type like features which has helped OnePlus build its loyal following in the crowded smartphone space.

So who took the top spot? Undoubtedly it was iPhoneX that was the best smartphone of the year. Samsung can however take pride in being the “Best Android Phone” of the year.

The smartphones were considered to numerous tests before being declared the best. Their processors, cameras, battery life and many other parameters were tested using tests like Geekbench 4.2, 3DMark Sling Shot Extreme, AnTuTu and various others. They were also tested in real life practical scenarios.

Each smartphone had to go through a sequence of tests and the process remained the same in each case. This enabled them to give highly accurate and reliable results. But that’s how the nerd, geeks or let’s say the experts analyse the phones and come out with their verdict of the best smartphone.

For normal users the process varies. They might choose to analyse these smartphones in a slightly different way.

First thing that most users will consider is their budget. Do they want to buy premium flagship models, economy phones or prefer a midrange phone?

Flagship phones are premium phones, expensive and the show stoppers for that particular brand. Economy phones would fall at the opposite spectrum in terms of price and are normally available at pre-paid cell phone providers. Most of the economy smartphones have Android OS but are not big on performance. They normally struggle to handle apps which are heavy to load. Between these two extremes are the midrange phones. They are not heavy on your pocket and provide reasonably good performance.

Another important criterion for the users would be the OS, whether they want iOS, Android or Windows. iOS which is part of the Apple ecosystem is most user friendly but has limitations in terms of customization. Also, iPhones are powered by iOS and are the most expensive phones available in the market. Android is quite simply an OS which powers most of the mobiles in the world be it an economy one or in the premium segment. Windows OS is yet to capture the imagination of the users but the revamping of Windows 10 could lead to it becoming a contender.

For a regular user a best smartphone would be the one that matches one’s tastes and preferences. Period…

Get a Software That Can Design Your Home with no Hassle

Designing your home has never been this cost effective, technology has taken the world by storm and there are no limitations to. If told that you can design your home without lifting a finger, running around till you lose your breath and without having to spend a lot of money.

A home says a lot about you, and a home is different from a house in so many ways. Elements that are different have to be combined so as to give your home the desired style that you really want. There are different styles to adopt for your home, ranging from classic, modern or contemporary it all goes down to your preference.

Designing your home can be better compared to fashion, you have to firstly identify your preference and see to it that it meets the space of your home but be warned this can be quite challenging and fun too.

Our environment can either be motivating or demotivating, no matter what your reason might be, change is good. You might still be struggling to identify your style but that’s not a problem.

Fashion is all about how put your things together, your outfits don’t necessarily have to be expensive or of a popular brand, So Is decorating your home its all about putting everything together to best suit your interior layout and you style too.

Interior design has never been better, yes right at your fingertips you can have it all done for you and there is no need for you to be knowledgeable about interior design either. How amazing! Technology has advanced every aspect of life even interior designing.

Under $100 you can get a software that can design your home with no hassle at all. These are the top 10 most recommended home design software’s you must definitely have:

1) Virtual Architect Ultimate Design

Not only does it allow you to create your bathroom, kitchen and decks wizards but it also does the very same thing for your roof. The only drawback is that your phone support has to be paid for.

It requires you to refine your skills so you must be ready to learn till you can better be referred to as a master. There are tools that can be used to create your interior and exterior design for home.

After gaining it’s popularity from TV shows it not only changed its name from HGTV home design to Virtual Architect Ultimate Design but it also updated it’s features and tools so as to enhance user experience. All designs can be made from your computer all you need is to learn and familiarize yourself with it and what could be of great assistance is the tutorial and all of this for $99.99

2) Turbo Floorplan Home & Landscape Pro

Material cost estimates are provided, together with tutorial videos to guide you through but there is a limitation to your tools and wizards to design your kitchen. There’s no need for you to refine your skills since it is an easy to use software even though you might be a beginner.

It has multiple features and tools and customer designs thus it is easier to use. All this for only $99,99

3) Home designer Suite

CAD tools can help you design your home like how an architecture would, this is an amazing feature but it can be a little bit overwhelming as the tool are a lot to handle. With your video tutorials lessons and top-quality designing tools you can create professional designs for your home this is only $99.99.

4) Turbo Floorplan Home and Landscape Deluxe

This is an easy to use and the layout is a bonus, it has a range of designs and tools that one can select from and thus it makes it easier for one to use even as a beginner.

There is a limitation to the kitchen design and there is small plant library it is in 3D a floor plan can easily be built with the custom provided. The features of the design are just amazing and a lot to pin point one after the other.

All this for only $49,99 and what’s amazing is your plans can be viewed in 2D and 3D and it can easily be understood even as beginner.

5) Punch Home and Design Premium

Landscape and home libraries object, features that are relatively easy to use but a drawback on this one is there are no kitchen design tools. Interior and exterior features and the tools of this program are considered to be top niche in comparison with other programs.

The features are just mind blowing and it has a 2D and 3D view, this includes roof wizards, window and door designs it allows the menu is quick start meaning it’s easier to use and it’s under $99,99.

6) Punch Home and Landscape Design Essentials

Topography and Landscape in a nutshell to help you design your desired home these tools are amazing though a drawback to all this is that you cannot design curved walls. You can expect to design high professional and quality exquisite landscapes. You can expect easy user experience. Your designs can be viewed in 3D and there are video tutorials that can be of a great guide to you. All this and more for only $49,99.

7) Total 3D Landscape & Deck Premium

With multiple samples for home designing this software is a keeper though it is difficult to use. High quality libraries that will help you design your home and 3D features too. Irrigation system, floor plans and kitchen design this software will surely give you more than you bargained for and all this with many more features for only $29,99

8) Dream plan

Easy user experience as a result of the roof wizards though it is limited to one sample plan of house design. Its tools are straightforward one can make a design from scratch. Any 2D design can be converted to 3D. The software has multiple shortfalls from being able to grab and drag so as to place to the desired location not forgetting the plant and object library are limited. It does require one to give them enough time to learn. The software is only R19,99

9) Total 3D Home design

Multiple objects and plant library and sample plans though 3D views may cause difficulty. It is relatively affordable but doesn’t offer professional and quality designs. There are great and multiple features but there’s a short fall in tools for designing. Floor plans are high in supply, thus there are multiple floor plans that can be selected.

Learning this can be a challenge as it is considered difficult to use when compared to other relevant programs but every other feature is fairly good and it only costs $19,99.

10) Sweet Home 3D

For only $13,99 you can have this amazing program not only is it cost effective but also has 2D and 3D views and both interior and exterior tools readily available, but external tools are limited. Relatively easy to use and Both plants and object libraries available but limited there is no roof wizard. There are a lot of tools that are missing in this program so your design might be limited to the features available.

These are the software programs that you can try our so as to turn your house into a home, a place you look forward to go to.

A Guide on Buying the Best Home Carpet Cleaner

Carpets add aesthetic value to your space. When you buy carpets, you also need to purchase cleaning equipment. There is a variety of cleaners in the market, but not all suit your home. You should go for the best home carpet cleaner. To help with that, herein are factors to remember when purchasing carpet cleaners.

Suction: an excellent cleaner extract all the water from the carpet leaving it dump and not soggy. Also, ensure you pick a product with powerful rotating brushes.

Stains removal: a worthwhile cleaner is capable of removing tough stains from your carpet. This will ensure the carpet looks as good as new

Efficiency: this has to do with motor amps rating. The higher it is the better. It will clean the carpet effectively.

Maneuverability: the best home carpet cleaner should be able to move in whatever direction you want without so much hassle. This makes cleaning a lot easier.

Maintenance: carpet cleaners also have to be clean. Some of the things you will be doing is emptying and washing your cleaner. Go for a brand that is easy to maintain and remain in a good working condition.

Affordability: most home carpet cleaners are cost friendly considering their size. They are designed for small spaces such your home, thus cannot cost much as is the case with industrial carpet cleaners.

Convenience: go for lightweight products, as they are easy to move around and have amazing maneuverability. If a product has a long power cord and a wide cleaning path, do not ignore it. The cord and wide path are helpful when cleaning expansive carpets.

Attachments: this has to do with accessories. Choose cleaners with a hose on which you can connect other cleaning tools such as those for removing pet stains

Warranty and contact venues: buy cleaners with long warranty periods. Such shows the company’s commitment to offering quality products. Besides, a good brand provides quick and helpful customer service.

Well, here is a review of the best home carpet cleaner worth your money.

a) Hoover Max Pro 60 Cleaner

This is an all-around leaner. It has all the admirable features of the best home carpet cleaner. For instance, it is excellent at removing tough stains with little effort. Its cleaning path is wide ensuring fast cleaning. Hoover’s water tank is easy to fill. You will love the separate detergent tank. Therefore, when you do not detergent for that final pass, you are good to go. The cleaner releases warm air, thanks to its motor. The air helps in drying your carpet.


• Easy rinsing due to the separate detergent tank

• Has a wide cleaning path

• Fast drying


• Few hose accessories

• Lacks headlight for dark spaces

• Warranty could be longer

b) Bissell DeepClean Cleaner-Premier

If you are looking for a highly maneuverable home carpet cleaner, consider Bissell. Its cleaning is not as good as other brands, but it is efficient at removing stains. It leaves your carpet cleaner than other products. Its big water tank eliminates the need for frequent refills. The fact that its cleaning solution and dirty water spaces are close makes this product compact and sizeable. It is also lightweight thus great for those who cannot handle heavy loads. You will need a fan to dry the carpet, as Bissell leaves it a little soggy.


• Great maneuverability

• Effective at stain removal

• Has a big water tank


• Leaves carpets a beat soggy

• Lacks a crevice tool

c) Rug Doctor Cleaner

As one of the best home carpet cleaners, Rug Doctor offers users an amazing suction. This means your carpet is not left soggy thus dries quickly. This brand cleans your carpet well. However, its weight might be a concern for some buyers. Nonetheless, it has a short hose but a long cord, so that is a plus. On accessories, this product allows you attach a number of cleaning tools.


• Quick carpet drying

• Side bristles are great for cleaning carpet edges

• Long cords allow more maneuverability


• Stain removal could be better

• Has a short hose


It is possible that you have a beautiful carpet but lack the best carpet cleaner. That is why your carpet looks terrible yet it has not lasted long. The last thing you need is a carpet with stains, dirt or dust. Ensure you buy a cleaner with the best suction to avoid soggy carpets and ensure fast drying. A wet carpet attracts mold, which is unhealthy.

As you shop, ensure you keep in mind the factors discussed in the introduction. This is the only way to ensure you buy a high quality, helpful best home carpet cleaner.

Simple Guide: Buy the Best Home Security System

Home security is an essential need for every modern household, and sooner or later in life, even the most altruistic ones have to seriously consider it. And when that time comes, making a wise choice is a must. And finding the best home security system doesn’t have to be a difficult homework. Let’s lay down the basic information how to properly approach the research process.

The Selection Process

1. Basic types

There are two main types of home security systems, based on the type of connection they utilize:


The whole communication between the devices in the system happens via wired connection. Other than the detailed technical differences, which are usually confusing for the common user, the main advantagesand disadvantages of using wired systems are:

Reliability: The communication is reliable since it’s not vulnerable to outside interference. That’s why this type is perfect for big properties and large areas.

Quality: Wired connection provides a lot better flow of data, thus offering high definition preview in as many different locations as needed. Also, the equipment for this type of systems is usually very easy to maintain, and it is more feature-rich.

Cost: This is one of the bad sides of this type of systems. The installation is pretty messy and costly, since it involves drilling for setting up cables. This also means that it will most likely be a permanent solution.

Vulnerability: All of the benefits come with one caveat: single point of failure. The criminals need to cut one phone cable in order to disable the whole system. The cables are also responsible for low flexibility, meaning not being able to be controlled from multiple locations and devices.


With this type of systems, the connection is established through wireless devices equipped with sensors, radio signal transmitters and receivers. This is a more recent technology, and as such employs interesting combination of advantages, but drawbacks as well.

Reliability: In this context, the wireless system would be more suitable in the opposite situation as the wired. It is not as reliable as the cable connection, since it’s a lot more susceptible to outside influence, which can come from a variety of sources: electromagnetic devices, home appliances, structural obstacles like walls and doors, hacking, power loss due to battery discharge and so on. All of these can interrupt or weaken the signal. That’s why wireless system is a better choice for smaller places.

Quality: Because of its nature, wireless connection can’t provide the same data flow like cable does, so the quality will depend on the factors mentioned in the reliability section.

Cost: Wireless home security systems usually cost less to install, since there’s no need to drill and install cables. So, they are quite easy to upgrade, or even replace.

Vulnerability: The main threat is of course, hacking. Every security measure must be taken in order to minimize this risk.

2. Needs

Based on the first step, evaluating the needs is what comes next. The most influential factor is the size of the place, which will determine the type of system that’s best for it. Of course, there are no strict definitions, just best practice tips, and/or personal preferences. Every home security system provider offers different plans and contracts, so planning the needs for the best home security system must include:

Brand: Choosing the brand is not a key factor, however it’s still worth asking for user experience or reading some reviews online. Brands with long tradition in the business, companies with clear and honest policies, excellent customer support and affordable price plans are worth the search.

Features: Nobody needs all the additional features that companies usually offer. It’s important to attend to the basic needs first in order to assure best coverage and installation and avoid unnecessary costs.

Confidence: It doesn’t come with price only. Bloated prices can be as shady as the extremely cheap options. Look for approachable representatives and technical staff that answers even simple questions in an honest and professional manner. Be careful with providers who offer own, proprietary software solutions, since these can come as quite costly, but also sometimes can be very insecure.

Costs: The overall costs of a home security system don’t come only from its initial price. Taxes, regular maintenance costs and on-demand services will be charged separately, so it’s very important to think of the costs as a long-term – or permanent – investment, rather than a one-time fee.

3. The Wise Choice

At the end of this journey, the final decision should come as the best combination of all of the factors from above. The best home security system is the one that is designed in details according to them. Careful analysis and research is the only way to choosing the best way to protect the home.

Great Advantages of Best Diet Services

Finding a best diet services for you may be harder than it seems. Once you’ve entered three simple keywords into a search engine, you’ll get millions of results. If, where you should start, you will find the best meal delivery service that suits your lifestyle. With many different meal choices available to you ranging from low carbohydrate, high protein to low calorie. How to know which program is best for you. In addition, there are some meal delivery services that operate only in certain areas of the United States, while some provide meals nationwide. Regardless of your location. There are many delivery services that can meet your needs.

It is a fact that most of us are also too busy to cook our own meals. That’s why we have to eat the foods that are processed or the fast foods, which are extremely unhealthy and is the real cause of weight gain.

In addition to being busy, we are also aware of health these days. So, we need something that provides us with healthy foods. This is possible only with the help of the diet delivery service. This service will bring cooked food to your door.

With the help of the best diet services you can get dietetic foods in no time in your home. This diet food will help you maintain a healthy weight and there will be no possibility of being overweight.

There are a number of best diet services these days that provide you with these types of diet meals. These diet programs are generally based on the principle of balance, which is very important to maintain a good and healthy weight.

Best diet services will provide you a balanced diet, which contains a high protein, low-calorie and carbohydrate. You can order this meal for the entire family. You can offer this meal without any concern because these food services are authentic.

With the help of these best diet services you can maintain a healthy diet and you will have no tension of following some other diet plans. These programs have ensured not only healthy eating, but also satisfaction with food.The diet service is designed specifically for those professionals who have little time or no time at all to cook their own meals. This is when they tend to eat unhealthy foods.

So there are some restaurants that offer this food diet service. They prepare food with the help of great chefs and then bring a meal prepared at your doorstep. They can provide you with a full meal that you can partially eat.

The best meal delivery service is supposed to provide you with a variety of fresh food, menu and diet. Meals are not only designed for individuals who want to lose weight alone, but also for people with diabetes, cancer patients and busy individuals that are only busy to cook their own healthy meal.

With best diet services you can get healthy cooked meals at reasonable prices, as you get fresh and direct meals at your door.

The best meal delivery program will provide you with a healthy menu and a variety of fresh and fresh meals to choose from as well as deliver reliable content to your doorstep.A healthy meal is prepared with fresh ingredients that are organically grown in addition to the absence of artificial sweeteners.

You have a range of options here as well. For example, the best best diet services does not restrict you to a long-term contract. They are flexible – allowing you to customize your meals to personal likes and dislikes.

They are also flexible with other things like the number of days you want to get your meals and the number of meals per day you want.

While mostly you can find best diet servicesthat offer weight loss meals, the most cost effective services are usually delivery services throughout the country. Because they buy food in large quantities, they can get their food at a cheaper price and this is reflected in lower prices for you!

You have the opportunity to choose foods that are already prepared or you can choose at least weight loss for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, DineWise also offers a free three-day experience for those who want to try their meals.